Treading the Missed Mondays: Goat Bay Aesthetic Squad Goals

Hola, muchachos!

After having my eyes bombarded by everyone and their dick deciding that half way through February was the right time to begin bellowing “IT’S THE YEAR OF THE ROOSTER”, I lay disheveled before you, but I come BEARing an alternative to the biggest “rooster” I’ve ever seen being sworn into the American presidency.

I do not see clear skies on our horizons.

I do not see water being free in 10 years.

I do not see level-headedness and compassion prevailing.

I do see exploitation of free-speech, an uprising of non-purposefully uneducated Leftist extremism. The willingness to violently clamber onto whatever coal train can get them to an issue which may have NOTHING to do with them. Now, motherfucker, I’ma prefix this heavily by saying that NOTHING is more important to me personally than equality of life. There has been more than one occasion where I’ve seen someone (for instance) slap their dog across the face, and I was faaaar more than happy to immediately offer them same treatment. The chemicals within our skin create our magnificent spectrum of life, assisting our species to live and thrive on this decaying space marble, but we haven’t being going uphill like that since probably mid-1870’s. War, famine, and disease, were feared so unequivocally for the past century plus, and yet now I look to our headlines of world events and those are no longer what I would call the three key ROADS TO DEATH. With these three following replacements, I usher us all into:

The Year of the Goat.



Nothing more insulting than adding a solid “ch” after the first word to REALLY drive that point home! This road covers the negligence and sometimes complete FACTUAL SHUTDOWN of the only thing that you can say you have faith in, and I will commend you for; Scientific proof. Aside from the near-instantaneous removal of the climate change, LGBTQ rights, and plenty of other pages by Mr. Dump, there has been BEAUTIFUL resistance from many different figureheads of government. The National Parks Service for example whipping their whole wang out, slamming it on the desk of the oval office and saying “Yeah, we do what we want”.


Now deleted because obviously it was going to fall eventually to the shittiest Twitter user we’ve ever seen.

I mean come on!

85% of Trump’s tweets look like messages kids would send me in highschool because I was dating a girl they liked and wanted to put on hockey pads and fight me at the park (shout-out to the kid who brought three friends who solely came to watch me beat his ass in 6th grade). Anyhow, I see the casket lid closing on seemingly anything scientific that no longer suits the needs of the “few”, as opposed to us, the “many”. They don’t want you to imagine yourselves as ants, because ants win every time. They will reclaiming abandoned buildings, towns, miles of unhumanized land, and they do it with ease. They say protests don’t work, but they have to mention them because not only do they absolutely work (please google literally any European country, look what they did to the banks), they are not ignorable.



Of the three, this is the one that gets me the most. Almost EVERY šŸ‘ SINGLE šŸ‘ ONE šŸ‘ OF šŸ‘ US have a cellphone, computer, pda, what-have-you, all connected to a beautiful plague called the internet.

AND YET FUCKING BARELY ONE OF YOU CAN BE BOTHERED TO FACT-CHECK A SINGLE IOTA OF ANYTHING, EVER! As a populous, we gorge upon clickbait and time-consuming tutorials we’ll never use. Feasting our constantly ravenous minds of the absolutely smuttiest debauchery we can get our hands on, instead of personal betterment. You can’t walk down the street anymore without hearing phrases like “I’ll send you the link”, or “I was just kinda scrolling”. This is leading to a very terrifying world where-in even if all someone can find to back their point is a WordPress page made 16-hours ago by some guy in a psych ward, they will absolutely use that as a statement of fact and defend themselves to the death, all because they saw it online.



The steam-rolling effect of many such other issues as those previously mentioned is going to affect the next generation in more ways that you or I can predict. Without having an open and creative environment where-in to nurture our young, we being to instill the ideals that WE have in them. Ideals that should NOT be chosen for them. If you child is Muslim and one day he says “Mom/Dad, I read the Holy Bible, and honestly it’s real fucked up but I am hella down with the whole idea of monotheistic Heaven”, then it is your DUTY as a parent to educate them on all aspects, angelic and despicable. Children raised to be mere vicarious ventriloquist versions of their parents don’t tend to strive for more. No one looks out their window as a kid and says, “Wow, your right birth-giver. Being the night janitor at Money Mart is definitely what I wanna be too!”

Let me offer some personal insight into why I think that is. Most children (pre-teenager anyhow) have a very set rainbow of jobs they tend to want to be: Fireman, Doctor, Vet, Chef, or Athlete. Of course things like “drive construction equipment” or “world famous actor” are in there somewhere, but what you will notice about most of those I listed, is that they are about helping others. There is no pre-segmented piece in a child’s mind that says “Naw, that dude doesn’t deserve the same help as I do because he’s a different ethnicity”. All they want to do, is be with people.

As we grow older, colder, and bolder, we begin to have poor interactions with people and to say that most of my crap interactions in a day are with white people is not even the half of it. Spacing ourselves from individuals we deem “lesser”, and that is disgusting. This leads to confusion on a massive scale, because without those kinds of environments and interactions we would not form any sense of “Self”. There would be no regulatory system of anything. No one would be sure of anything.

So yeah, Year of the Goat. I made a playlist as filled with de-generalized hate for everything as I could because I cannot solely point the finger at just one of us, because this shit is on all of us. I didn’t talk about the music, because this was more important, and when you let important things take precedence, we all move forward.

Read a fucking book. Raise your fucking kids rights. Treat everyone with respect, and I swear to god the next dude to hit a dog within 100 yards of me is going to Night-Night town FAST.

(also I will be keeping their dog)

– Bear.

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