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If you have made it this far, no doubt you are wondering what in the fresh Hell is Drunk in a Graveyard. Drunk in a Graveyard is a lot of things, and firstly we are a horror, cult, heavy metal, and alternative media review site piloted by whiskey and crewed by the damned. We started in 2012, on one drunken evening when we watched Cabin in the Woods and were so horrified by this film that we felt it required comment. We cover everything from movies, music, books, and other media and offer our opinions in a fresh spin of ranty, hilarious, and inebriated. If you are coming here looking for the same old song and dance review site as the plethora of others, you will find yourself sorely disappointed, however if you like to put a little laughter in your slaughter then we are the place to be. We are too cool for the spooky kids, too spooky for the normies and are always equipped with a flask of hard liquor and a few witticisms to spare.

We are always accepting media for review so if you have something (anything!) you would like us to talk about on the site please send us an email and one of our writers will likely be able to accommodate.

On the subject of writers, we are always looking for contributing and staff writers for the page and if you like out style and think you have what it takes to join our elite ranks of the liver damaged comedians then please also feel free to send us an email and let’s talk about it.

We are fairly open as far as writing goes, but we generally are seeking ranty humorous pieces. Humor is very essential to our mission and also to our content.

Drunk in a Graveyard may only have begun in 2012 but truthfully our beginnings harken back to be young and dumb and full of cum and drinking 26oz’s while watching bad movies, dancing all night in the graveyard and making a load of poor decisions and for us that nature is not lost. Along with recommending movies and media that are being generated by up and coming independent artists we also seek to have a little fun with what we do and every snort of laughter or chuckle is a victory. We put the hot in psychotic, the fun in funeral and the alcohol in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Thanks for visiting and come back and see us in the boneyard, and remember to always stay spooky!

-Robin Goodfellow, Official DIAG Jimmie Rustler

Contact us at drunkinagraveyard@gmail.com



Meet the Drunks!

Robin Goodfellow
Hailing from the Great White North and no stranger to the bleak coldness of the winter snow, Robin Goodfellow is a true Canadian dirtbag –  a combination of Baby Spice and Hunter S Thompson. Robin likes coffee and metal the same:  black. Favourite color is vodka. Personal inspirations : Aleister Crowley, George Carlin, Louis C.K, Iliza Schlesinger, Robert Smith, and John Constantine.

Scotty Floronic
Possessed of a love of all things horror and (even more importantly) most things low-budget and janky, Scotty Floronic decided the best outlet for his thoughts, opinions, outrages and just plain old fashioned rants about his favorite genre would be the haven of all loudmouths in our age: the Internet! Though the Graveyard is and always will be Scotty’s main haunt, he can also be found writing about shitty movies (SURPRISE!) and random nostalgic interests over at Strange Kids Club as well.




Johnny Zontal, founding staff member
Rigby, founding podcast host from 2017-2018
Blair the Bear

twitter ranting about nuclear squirrels and heavy metal.
Chris:  @UaLaoghaire
Bambii / Marsha (co-photographer for Housecore Horror Festival 2014 & High on Fire 2015)
GraveDigger Glen
Carl Smith
Chris Beard
The Dali Trauma



Gorepump (responsible for version 2.0 of the Eliphas Barfomet)  @gorepump

Phil Ryan (responsible for version 3.0/4.0 of the Eliphas Barfomet)

Cablz:  (responsible for all of our header images, graphics, and the current incarnations of the Eliphas Barfomet)Cablz has a bad attitude.Follow on instagram – @cablz


All work published here is the property of Drunk in a Graveyard and associated authors. No part of the material presented here may be reproduced in part or in full without the express permission of the author (seriously, just ask).  Where appropriate we have tried to give credit to any images found in our googling.  If you’re a photog and we’ve used your image without credit, just e-mail us and we can update that.


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  1. love this site, found you on the horror blog alliance , the humour and style here is very refreshing …keep up the grand work and I’ll pop by often and again.

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