Arisen From Nothing – Broken

Band: Arisen From Nothing
Album: Broken
Label: Collective Wave Records
Release Date: September 29, 2017

Arisen From Nothing have been around for a few albums, none of which I am familiar with as they dwell in musical realms I don’t often explore. I don’t know where Metal-Archives gets off classifying these guys as thrash metal, because they most certainly are not. Arisen From Nothing have influences of metalcore and nu-metal. Songs bounce along with faster verses and rapid-fire aggressive vocals and then slow down and switch over to clean vocals in the choruses. There are some points of merit, such as a great solo in the latter half of “Better Off Dead,” but by and large the songs are predictable and the angst-ridden aggression with “glimmers of hope” doesn’t do much for me.

The tough-guy lyrics about being “sick in the head” and “taking motherfuckers down” are saturated with all the worst, cringe-worthy trappings of nu-metal. I had hoped that we left this sort of thing back in the lawless wasteland of the early 2000s but it looks like we haven’t quite clawed our way out of that rabbit hole yet. With bands like Arisen From Nothing kicking around, I guess we never will.

Long story short, this strikes me as something a high school kid might like, something relatively accessible that’s just loud and angry enough to worry their teachers and parents. For me, “Broken” is a pedestrian release in a genre I admittedly have little fondness for so it’s decidedly not for me, and I doubt any real aficionados of metal would take much interest in this either.

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