New Video! Black Royal – “The Chosen”

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Finland’s Black Royal have just released a new video for “The Chosen” off their upcoming debut full length album “Lightbringer”, a work that centers around mankind’s utter failure to find strength, and false ideologies.

“Faith is, more or less, a consequence of fear and ignorance, mankind’s quest for meaning is greater than their ability to understand that we hold the key to our own potential and inner strength. This act against the original plan of The Elders and The Wise has led mankind to the brink of their own intellectual extinction. To survive, mankind must abandon the power of religious dogmas and evolve by the strength from one’s inner self. Time has come for the Lightbringer to enthrone and steer man back to the path of free thought and prove wrong their false choices (the reason for current global chaos). Now is time for the new world order. It won’t be divine.” – Black Royal on Lightbringer 2018

Lightbringer will be available for purchase here.


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