NEW ALBUM! Ambient Black Metal Band Soul Dissolution To Release Stardust

Soul Dissolution’s newest release Stardust comes out late next month, and they’ve released a fantastically titled lead track off of it – Far Above The Boiling Sea Of Life. First off, I’m always into verbose and unwieldy song titles and this definitely qualifies. I’m also really into ambient black metal, and I’m in luck because thats what Soul Dissolution are all about. This track at time reminds me a bit of early Alcest, so take that as you will. I like that era quite a bit so I’m down with what Soul Dissolution are doing here. They also have a bit of a Ghost Bath thing going on, which I appreciate. They really manage to create an expanse space on this track so I’m interested to hear the rest of hte album,

No word on a physical release, but you can pre-order a digital copy here before the album is released on March 25th.

– Scott

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