Trash/Thrash Tuesday: Ghost – Cirice

Greetings to you, members of the unwashed masses. How’s your week going? Did you get stuck in a conversation with Sharon or Linda or Jennifer by the water cooler over your local sports team and the whole time said person was talking, you were thinking of ways to crush their skull? It’s alright. You can tell the oldblackgoat. I won’t say anything. I too know the struggles of having to listen to morons bray on like the insolent donkeys that they are. Don’t worry. I’m here for you.
Since Mondays always mean the end to a weekend of partying, Tuesdays exist in the graveyard for me to drop some science into your lives, and boy, do I have a doozy for you guys this week.


Ghost have long been a band that has collectively given the middle finger to metal fans and metal heads the world over. Since the release of 2010’s Opus Eponymous, Ghost have been having a real laugh at the expense of metal purists the world over. It’s pretty easy to say that for Ghost, the sides are heavily divided. People either ADORE Ghost with a fervent creepy passion, or absolutely LOATHE them. I have yet to meet someone who casually likes the band, who could “take them or leave them”. This person does not exist.

Ghost has been a favourite of ours, here in the graveyard, since before the release of Opus Eponymous, when we were originally scheduled to see them play live with Alcest and Enslaved. While Ghost did not make it to the performance, we were able to purchase their album and have been collectively blown away about it ever since. Upon seeing Ghost open for Mastodon/Opeth, the like that we have for this band was cemented. These guys are having fun, something not altogether accepted in a genre like metal where br00tality and being tr00 are things much celebrated and argued over (just go to the comments section of any article and prepare yourself for brain worms).

I personally, appreciate comedy. If someone is making me giggle and allows me a moment to say “oh I see what you did there..” then I am going to be a happy camper. Ghost is a band that does exactly this.
Both times I’ve seen them live in concert have been amazing near religious experiences and I have left hungry for more. They put on an amazing show, are amazingly tight live, and are CATCHY.

Over the weekend, Ghost released the single from their upcoming album Meliora, a guitar driven heavy track called “Cirice” (pronounced sa-reese), with accompanying Silence of the Lambs spoof artwork.
Of course we went nuts and have had the track on steady rotation all weekend, and it makes only obvious sense to share with you this new track from Ghost.

Heavy as fuck and amazing right? Slightly too slow and slightly too long to likely garner major radio airplay, but the track is tight and atmospheric. I recall watching an interview with Ghost where they wanted to be considered a big time 1970s satanic rock show that we had missed. I think they are well on their way to achieving this success, and I know that I am personally very excited over this upcoming album.
Truthfully, it’s my dream to shoot a Ghost concert, a dream that I hope to have realized this year or next when Ghost tour in support of Meliora.

So. with this all in mind, I wish to you unwashed greasebags, the best week you can possibly have.
Stay tuned for more Mayhem this week.

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  1. So….are they using the word/title “Cirice” in reference to the O.E. word for church or is it in reference to the other meaning… An fascinating, interesting dangerous woman???

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