New Song! Varicella – “Obsessed With Flesh (Fuck Slave)”


Hey kids, do you love old school Ministry and KMFDM, cause hoo boy do I have something for you – a little band called Varicella.  “Birthed in 2008 but a shape did not fully form until 2012: Varicella is a band aiming to bring back the style of older industrial metal acts such as Ministry, Godflesh and KMFDM, while striving to achieve a sound and identity of their own. A feat that was successfully carried out in 2012 with the addition of Chris Pasquarelli on guitar, effectively obtaining the crushing metal guitar sound that Varicella has sought from the start. A crucial element throughout the industrial metal genre which Ministry and Godflesh would go on to popularize.

Immediately following Pasquarelli’s inclusion into the band, the pair began writing several songs. Recorded over the course of six years, their debut album, “Dead is Better” was released on Tuesday, 05.01.2018 via all digital media retailers.”

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