Fistula/-(16)- split seven-inch

On the eve of their twentieth anniversary, our favourite Ohio sludge dealers are releasing a series of split releases with some other sludge metal heavyweights. First up was a split with Come to Greif, but this time around they have paired up with the mighty -(16)-, each offering a twisted cover of some familiar songs. First up is Killing Joke’s “Complications”, taking the English band’s proto-Goth track and perverting it into a sludgy mess. The cover keeps the same pace with the original, but down-tunes everything so it sounds like it’s spurting forth from a broken amp in the grimy basements of our youth.

On the flip side of the album come Fistula, warping and perverting “Mongaloid” by those ziggaraut wearing New Wave weirdo’s DEVO. Starting with a distorted bassline and the still recognizable through the dirt and grime guitar riff, Fistula’s version speeds things up and strips the song down punk style, swapping any New Wave elements that may have been in the original in favour of pure Ohio spit in your face punk attitude.

Grab your copy here on December 15, 2017. Follow Fistula and -(16)- their facebook pages


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