A Very Donnie Darko Easter with Kamloops Film Society

Another holiday come and gone and Drunk in a Graveyard is beyond happy to report that our borderline deranged idea to do an Easter screening of Donnie Darko was a success.

We collaborated with Kamloops Film Society and had the idea to do Easter bunny pictures like all those overexposed badly wrought bunny suit visions of shopping mall nightmares that make the rounds on social media, except we replaced a cute bunny with our version of Donnie Darko’s Frank.

We weren’t sure the type of response we would get for the event, but it sold out easily, and the resulting photos are pretty wonderful.  Dusan from the KFS had the idea to recreate the iconic theatre shot from the film, and the setting was made for us.

Dusan (right) with his beautiful family had the idea to recreate the theatre shot

a buddy comedy in the making

emily and frank

talented short filmmaker Riley Journeay


Thank you to everyone who came out for Donnie Darko, and we look forward to seeing you all again for whatever comes next.





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