Michael Madsen’s Quarantine Reservoir Dogs (Video)

Friends of the graveyard and longtime listeners of the podcast will be familiar with our deep love of Michael Madsen. He’s a genre actor, a jovial mess, a poet, and one heck of a bangable babe, and in 2017 he was even the winner of our highly prestigious Whole Hog – Hogfather of the year award. Don’t believe me?
Peep the art below:


What’s “Whole Hog” you might ask? Well, let me tell you. It was a segment of our podcast where the two female hosts would bicker about Hollywood hunks and Mr. Madsen was our man of the year.

So anyways, it was welcome news that Michael’s been spending his COVID-19 Quarantine time going just as stir crazy as the rest of us and made a Reservoir Dogs Quarantine video for us to enjoy.
And oh boy did we. We’ve been reading a lot of Michael’s (we’re on first names here, it’s fine) poetry lately and it helps ease the pain. This does too. Now if we could just get him to send over some shirtless selfies.. that might keep Robin busy for the rest of quarantine. A girl can dream.

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