9 responses to “The Problem With Jason Lei Howden

  1. An article about an article about an article about a nasty person who used the n word, an foolish and overly sensitive director who attacked the wrong people, and a bunch of twitter assholes and shitty bloggers who made everything worse and then wrote an article about it, and felt vindicated by their own article.

    • Did I say I felt vindicated by my own article? No. I feel vindicated that after years of this asshole harassing people online that people are finally seeing what he’s really about.

  2. Well, you tried. But could you do all the people not explicitly looking for something to complain about in life a favor and eat shit? Literal shit will suffice. Thanks in advance.

    • So, let me get this straight, you wrote a comment complaining about this article because you’re mad about someone complaining? Makes sense.

  3. The contradiction was beyond worth it. Because I supported the cause until having the sincere displeasure of reading your perspective and ability to bend and twist words as much as you possibly can to fit whatever weird extended narrative you’ve jumbled together in your head. It screams “I’m a miserable person.” You’re an instigator of assholes, meaning someone who doesn’t want to make a positive impact in the community they’re in but rather be the one to poke others for perceived injustice. You’re indignant. It’s pathetic. Stop being a childish ass in your responses on social (you were so effective in placing your embarrassing tweets on display for everyone) and try to educate others if you think their behavior is wrong. You’re not a benefit to society; you’re just as much of a detriment. Friendly tip: get a handle on your twisty bullshit if you plan to continue as a writer.

    • I mean – again you contradict yourself though. You’re raging at me to educate others on how their behaviour is poor, and yet you’ve come on here to tell me to eat shit and attacked me.
      But at least you’ve given me pointers on how to improve my writing, so that’s something I suppose. Since you’re an esteemed expert, I’d be most interested to read your work if you care to share.

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