Drunk in a Graveyard Radio Vol 8

Blank 8.5 x 11 in (1)

Graveyard Radio airs Wednesday nights 8-9PM PST on 92.5FM CFBX in Kamloops BC and you can listen online on thex.ca. Our show is preceded by a super cool Ska show hosted by Dean from 7-8PM PST, and right after us is Kamloops local Louis with Radio Schizo playing hardcore / punk, and you can settle in for a night of alternative music and programming.

Graveyard Radio #8:

Messora – The Pond

The Flaying – Angry Unleashed

Concrete Funeral – Mattress Stainse

Vaultwraith – Four Beasts Before The Throne

Sleepcircle – Pumpkin Head

Vassago – Abysmic Downfall Of The Kingdom Where I Will Rule Eternitye

Arkadia – Accepting Death

Ghost – Kiss The Go-Goat

Lingua Ignota – Butcher Of The World

Blackbriar – Snow White Rose Red

Align The Tide – Sicko Mode

Skinny Puppy – Cult

*Red denotes Canadian content

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