My Silent Hill Ita Bag | Vlogoween 2019 Day 3 (Video)

It’s that time of year again boils and ghouls! Vlogoween 2019 is upon us.
That means a dumbass spooky Halloween video from our crew everyday for October 2019.

Today’s video is me showing off my super nerdy ass Silent Hill ita-bag.
Ita bags are a fun but now dying trend from Japan where nerds can display their collections in backpack form. It’s a portable hoard.

Podoween 2019 is our podcast challenge where we upload a podcast episode everyday featuring a spooky story or tale, or just regular podcast shenanigrams.
You can submit stories to drunkinagraveyard AT gmail DOT com.
Creepypastas, original fiction, whatever you want.

Let’s get weird.


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