Sarpedon – “Creeping Chaos” Video Debut!


Sarpedon presents the first lyric video for “Creeping Chaos”, track taken from the new album “Before The Nightingale Sings”.

On the lyric video, drummer Carl Engstrøm stated: “We’re happy to release the first lyric video for the song ‘Creeping Chaos’. This is one of the best tracks we decided to go on for a lyric video”.

Keyboard player Daniel Hemstad also stated: “We are finally releasing our first music video and single from the upcoming album ‘Before The Nightingale Sings’. This is one of my favorite tracks from the album and one of the songs I could express myself most creative with. It got 70’s-inspired Mellotron and Moog, and horror-inspired strings and choirs combined with heavy guitars, groovy bass and hard hitting drums in true Sarpedon-style.”


Göran also really shows the incredible strength and range of his voice in this song. From soft and mellow to loud and raw. “I feel that we have managed to project the true essence of Sarpedons music in this song.

The recording of this album has been a long and turbulent journey and I’m so happy and excited to finally show you what we have been up to for the last three years, with some eye candy along with it!”

Lyric video made by Volume Agency.


Album Tracklist:
1. Spiritual War
2. Creeping Chaos
3. The Enemy
4. Eye Of The Storm
5. The Maelstrom
6. The First Sun
7. The Nightingale

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