Minx, Hemptress, & Black Wizard 31/08/2019

Ah, there’s something about a local show, sixty or so people crammed into a tiny bar that smells like old beer, cigarettes, stale cannabis, sweat, leather, unwashed dreadlocks – It’s a great poetry to the senses.
We checked out one such local show featuring local acts Minx and Hemptress (who just signed to Cursed Tongue Records which is pretty fuckin’ dope), and Black Wizard from Vancouver, BC.

We took some pics, drank some beers, and screamed in the street afterwards. Standard Saturday night stuff.
Check out some BC talent:


Check out Minx on their bandcamp and send them some dollars.


Check out Hemptress on their bandcamp and send them beer money, love and congrats on signing!


Send Black Wizard some love on their bandcamp and buy their music/merch.

It was pretty cool to be able to see a horror movie and head on over for a cool heavy show, nice to see multiple things happening at once in Kamloops. I love this city.

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