Drunk in a Graveyard Radio Show #1 (Video)

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Well, this was bound to happen. We have spread our wings from podcasting and gotten our own radio show on the local campus and community radio station 92.5FM CFBX. Every Wednesday night from 8-9PM PST and you can stream online if you aren’t local We will be focussing on horror and heavy metal, and debuting new and upcoming metal releases. Our show is preceded by a super cool Ska show hosted by Dean from 7-8PM PST, and right after us is Kamloops local Louis with Radio Schizo playing hardcore / punk, and you can settle in for a night of alternative music and programming.

Graveyard Radio #1:

Sematary Spawn – “Even Roger Corman Can’t Save You Now”
Here Lies Man – “Clad in Silver”
VHS – “Rooting for the Villain” feat. Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder
Cruickshank – “Coma Blue”
Snowy Shaw – “Krampus”
Slaughtbbath – “Alchemical Warfare”
DAXMA – “Minima Moralia”
Book of Wyrms – “Blacklight Warpriest”
SOPHIST – “Choke On Your Own Bile”
Allone – “A Challenge To The Dark”

*Red denotes Canadian content

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