Widow’s Peak, Anomalism, Nomad & Burn It All – 01/08/2019 in Kamloops BC

Ever find yourself rolling into Thursday night with not much to do? Well, why not strap on your crocs and hit up some tech death? That’s exactly what the Drunk in a Graveyard crew did last night, and we saw some pretty sick bands who gave it 110% even though it was a week night.

Starting off the night was Burn It All, a local Kamloops band, and this was only their second ever show! The lovely lady fronting this band had a real growly voice and she definitely brought the heavy and put on a sick show.


Following the Kamloops locals was an Enderby band called Nomad fronted by a dude wearing a Digimon shirt, so you know they brought the thunder because that Digimon theme song goes fucking hard.


Nomad was followed up by Winnipeg band Anomalism who chatted about PornHub, why crocs rule, and eating cookies. You know, average death metal stuff. These guys were hilarious and put on a pretty tight show, so please chuck them, and everyone on this bill some likes and $$.


And finally, Calgary’s Widow’s Peak brought some heavy heavy death metal, pig squeals and brutality. These guys put on a deadly show and encouraged crowd participation.


Thanks to T&A Promotions for constantly putting on fun local metal shows, and for always being welcoming to us.

I have to say I have been consistently impressed with the local shows we have been getting in Kamloops, and really want to urge you all to check out these bands, send them some likes, follows, and most importantly that sweet sweet cash.

And a note to bands pictured – if you would like these photos without watermarks, please feel free to contact us. And if you use the photos, credit to Drunk in a Graveyard is always appreciated. All photos by Robin G. Shot on Canon 24-70mm and mixed wide angle 10-22mm.

Keep on rockin, and stay metal!

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