QUACKIE – a short horror film!

A short while ago, we were approached by a film making duo and they sent over their hilarious and insightful short horror film QUACKIE, about a serial killer who has an episode of introspection with a rubber duckie. It really struck me the first time I saw it, and it seemed so on brand for DIAG, so we decided to team up and create the premiere and debut QUACKIE.

“A serial killer has a mental breakdown… with a rubber duck. The whole thing is probably a metaphor.

Starring Jesse Lee Keeter and Quackie, with special appearance by Sheila Houlahan
Written and Directed by Kris & Lindy Boustedt

It all started, as most things do, with a conversation about stupid shit.

We were walking down the street discussing the classic movie trope we all love to hate/hate to love of a person opening a medicine cabinet and closing it, only to be shocked to see the reflection of a killer now behind them. Cue shrieking violins.

The reality the movies never show, of course, is how long a killer would have to wait around for the perfect moment. Do they bring a book? Can they do their taxes while they kill time (terrible pun intended)? There’s really only one place to hide in a bathroom. It must be exhausting and require supportive footwear.

We happen to have a very large rubber duck collection (about 150; don’t judge), so we felt satisfied that if a killer were ever to want to do that with us, at least they’d have company.

Flash forward years later and, as with any artist (we hope we’re not alone, anyway), we were questioning why we do what we do. Making movies is incredibly difficult. The creative work, certainly, but also the logistics of it, the grind of it, the 99% that’s not doing what we love to support the 1% we do.

And as you know, once you start questioning life, oh man do the floodgates open. Are we actually driven to do this, or has it become habit? Or worse, is it just the only thing we know how to do at this point? Do we even have any marketable skills? Have we inadvertently trapped ourselves? Dear God, what the fuck are we doing with our lives?

But surely! Surely, we can just make a change. Fucking change.

Our brains crave it, our bodies need it, but it’s the hardest thing we can do. How can something so fundamental to the human experience also be the thing of which we are most fearful? Why is something we need also something we are programmed to resist? Comfort and stasis leads to physical and creative death. And change is always painful.

Then we had a panic attack.

But amidst it all, we remembered that idiotic conversation about killers waiting for mirrors. And we saw the dumb looks in the hilarious eyes of our rubber ducks.

So we wrote and wrote and wrote and called a couple of friends and made a thing to try to exorcise all those demons in a way that might be funny to an audience.

We hope you enjoy it. Maybe you can also find it cathartic.

With love,
Kris and Lindy Boustedt”

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