We Screened Midsommar!

So for those who have followed us for a while on DrunkInAGraveyard.com, you may be familiar with our post a few months back talking about the Paramount theatre which is a local more independent theatre in town that was in danger of being shut down, similar to The Rio in Vancouver, BC. This local theatre was a central figure in the lives of many Kamloops, BC, residents, and it’s where we first were able to begin putting on screenings of films.
Our first screening was for Mandy in October of 2018, and our second screening was Border in Feb of 2019 followed by us being asked to run the DARKFEST 2019 offerings at the Kamloops Film Festival, where we screened The House That Jack Built and Suspiria with a special performance from The Caravan of Curiosities.

Very much like The Rio, the local theatre, the Paramount was saved in the zero hour, purchased by the Fawcett family and leased to the Kamloops Film Society, to allow for presentations of more “underground” and off the beaten path film offerings. We were able to collaborate once again with the Kamloops Film Society and help put on a special two night/two show screening of Ari Aster’s Midsommar on July 12 and 13.


Something that we had always wanted to do, from the very start of Drunk in a Graveyard, was to screen genre films for an audience and share our encyclopedic knowledge and love for the bizarre with an audience. It was only fitting that our first offering was Panos Cosmatos’s heavy metal head trip MANDY, and we have only gotten crazier in terms of showings – pushing the boundaries of good taste and genre films both.

Being brought on to help bring in Midsommar was, in short, fucking amazing, and something so entirely on brand for us. We had already seen (and loved) the film. We had made several videos:

We got online and did what we do best – started stirring up hype on social media, and created some events, put together some prixe bags, and we were able to get around 66 people to the first showing, followed by around 70-80 to the second. These numbers don’t sound huge, but for small town Canada, this was pretty remarkable, and being able to sit back and listen to people reacting to the film was another experience altogether.

It’s heartening to be involved with a theatre like Paramount, a theatre run by the hard work of volunteers and generous donations from the community. It’s hearteniing to be recognized as the horror hounds we are, and be invited to bring films to our little town.

We had a ton of fun at these screenings – I even put together a costume, and got our manager into the spirit.


Dusan Magdolen of the Kamloops Film Society and manager of Paramount

We are very much looking forward to what we can bring forward to the Paramount and the audiences of Kamloops.
So please stay tuned, and follow our fuckery.


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