Heavy Hitting HorrorFest in Whistler, BC

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Whistler, British Columbia is not all about snowboarding, skiing and trekking into them thar hills. It’s also the place for film festivals. There’s at least two, the Whistler International Film Festival and Heavy Hitting Horrorfest. With the latter, it began in 2002 and has grown to become the largest and longest event held in Western Canada, attracting talents from all around the world and nurturing the local scene. With the City of Vancouver just down the mountain, the film industry is constantly abuzz.

After the glowing success of HorrorFest Resurrection in 2018, the plans for this year include: more mentor-driven workshops and a slate of DIY “B-Grade How-To” webisodes. All of this will take place on Wednesday, October 30, 2019.

The company is excited to confirm to hosting this year’s festival in a larger venue. This space will allow fans to enjoy both the main film screenings and the afterparty in one place. For 2019’s Apocalypse, Banks and event producer Chantal Limoges said, “There will be blood.”

Forget Evil Dead the Musical and what it offers. There may more red spilled here and with this new location, it’ll be easier to clean up.

Through generous cash sponsorship from local and national partners, Heavy Hitting Horrorfest currently has just under $4500 in cash to hand out at their HorrorFest: Apocalypse event this October.

“It’s incredible to see this kind of support,” Banks says. “Over the years this little festival has evolved into a proper incubator of independent film talent and being able to offer this kind of prize money can actually really help people on the next step of their film careers.

The cash sponsorships have been generously provided by Gibbons Whistler, LUX Visual Effects, Sea to Sky Dream Team, the Directors Guild of Canada, Canadian Wilderness Adventures, Local Whistler and an anonymous horror benefactor.

They are taking short film submissions of up to 10 minutes in length up until Sept 15, 2019 and the season is just about right for perhaps the first snowfall. Perhaps the added chill is right come All Hallow’s Eve.

For more information, please visit https://heavyhitting.com/submit


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