A24 and the Midsommar Bear In A Cage Bot Drama (Video)

Midsommar is the new film out from production company A24, directed by Ari Aster, the director who previously brought us Hereditary.
In conjunction with the Midsommar release, A24 announced that they would be releasing a special piece of Midsommar merch – the Bear In A Cage toy, complete with hilarious commercial.
The toy was limited to 75 pieces and upon release was immediately brigaded by Shopify bots, selling out in only 2-3 seconds.
I had one in my cart and went to check out and it was gone immediately.
Horror twitter blew up as fans had not been able to purchase the bears, and immediately afterwards, bears began showing up on eBay for the going price of $500USD.
A24 addressed the controversy online and promised fans that the fraudulent orders would be cancelled and bears would be released at a later date once they fixed some of the bugs in their shopify store.

I talked about the drama in today’s video, and honestly, the biggest thumbs up to A24 for handling this with class and grace, and making sure real Midsommar and A24 fans get these ultra limited collectibles.

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