FIVE MINUTE RUSH – a short film by Steve Baran


The Drunk In A Graveyard crew was most privileged to be invited to cover this year’s Vancouver Bad Ass Film Festival, which was a three day celebration of all things horror, genre, and bizarre.
You can read about our coverage: Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. You can also listen to our podcast feature here where we break down our favourite films and shorts one of which is FIVE MINUTE RUSH.

Day 2 though, we met a cool dude named Steve Baran and his short film “FIVE MINUTE RUSH” was one of our favourites from the festival, standing out in a sea of horror flicks as a straight ahead action revenge thriller.


Steve not only directed FIVE MINUTE RUSH, but also acted as the star, and far from the gruff talking action hero, he was actually very soft spoken, articulate and friendly, which honestly just made me like him even more.

I’ve thought a lot about FIVE MINUTE RUSH since I first saw it, and it struck me so much because of how professional and slick it looked, but how the gore didn’t shy away from being insanely disturbing. Shorts like the ones shown at Bad Ass made my heart soar, because it showed me that even when you feel like the genre community has sucked dry every trope, that there’s still these amazing creative minds out of there making amazing pieces of art and Steve is one of those people.

The Vancouver Bad Ass Film Festival really changed a lot of things for us, and for me personally – it made me feel so connected within this arts community, and it made me feel so affirmed in my decision to start a blog all those years ago.

But what’s even cooler beyond all this is that today, after making the indie festival circuit, Steve has released FIVE MINUTE RUSH onto the world, and he was kind enough to grant us permission to share his short with you, and you need to sit your ass down with some popcorn and strap in, because this one is worth writing to Nanna about.

FIVE MINUTE RUSH from Steve Baran on Vimeo.

“***This film was shot and intended to be used as a pitch piece. Since it’s release, “Five Minute Rush” has been written into a TV series adaptation, as well as a feature screenplay. Exploring all avenues, a show bible and pitch deck have been written and outlined for both, illustrating all the details and story pertaining to each project. The new works are now entitled “In Deadlock” and the project has recently just begun its pitching phase. For interest and inquiries, please contact***

In a world this corrupt, justice has its price.

As war tears through the streets, a struggle between two drug empires leaves the city in total anarchy. When the head boss from the opposing family is taken out, enforcer Braden Vasco is apprehended at the scene of the crime and taken into custody. Detectives use leverage, and force him to roll over on his organization. He faces his allies only to find that nothing is as it seems. Deceived, and fuelled by vengeance, Vasco does what he needs to in order to survive as he pieces together the truth.”

Written and Directed by: Steve Baran

Starring: Steve Baran, Thomas Newman, Artine Brown, Bruce Blain, Larry Hamm, Andrea Stephancikova, Lee Tomaschefski

Produced by: Steve Baran, Kelsey Baran

Associate Producers: Vava Renata, Cliff Hokanson, Josh Eckberg

Cinematography by: Cliff Hokanson

Supervising Sound Editors: Matthew Cameron, Alex Macia

Edited by: Darryl Aye, Trevor Mirosh

Music by: Sam Hulick, Alexandre Cote

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