Vancouver Bad Ass Film Festial 5 | Day 3 – Canadian AF

CW: pictures in this essay are definitely NSFW.

The legendary Rio Theatre was the location for the final day of the Vancouver Bad Ass Film Festival Volume 5! The theatre narrowly avoided certain destruction and fall to gentrification with assistance from names like Kevin Smith and “Vancity” Ryan Reynolds.
This theatre is an independent icon of local color, cinematic thrills, comedy, stand up, burlesque, and is just a bit grimy. It’s a wonderful place in Vancouver, BC and if you haven’t been – you owe it to yourself to go.

CANADIAN AF was the theme of the final day of the Vancouver Bad Ass Film Festival, preceded by Day 1’s Hard Brexit and Day 2’s Welcome To The Jungle (click through for our coverage photos).

The day started early at the Rio with a screening of Canadian feature film “The Hollow Child” which features one of BC’s strongest assests – the forest and the deep unknown that hides within – changelings, faeries and demons.

The film was followed by a question and answer session with the two female leads and the Director and writer.

The whole event was hosted by the incredibly gorgeous and highly sexy Samantha Mack, adult performer from Vancouver based Mack Models who is known for her voluptuous figure, and her smart mouth. She cosplayed perfectly as the Hormone Monster from Netflix’s Big Mouth.

I spent the majority of the show with my eyes fixed on Samantha – she’s honestly so exotic looking and hilarious to boot. Be sure to check out Mack Models online for more from Samantha and her partner.

The second film of the evening was Knuckleball, a Canadian based home invasion film starring Michael Ironside and TURBOKID! It was a gorgeous film, highly tense, and set during a brutal prairie winter.

We even had time for a snack break, and The Rio serves adult beverages and some pretty tight and shibby grilled cheese sandwiches.

The next portion of the evening was a screening of the local short films, of which our confirmed graveyard smash favourite was the haunting “Giltrude’s Dwelling”, a short film about a moving house. Audience favourites included Ram Shackle Blues, The Cull, Mad Santa, and Luchador.

Following this was a performance from Vancouver’s own Caravan of Curiosities led by Tristan Risk (American Mary, The Editor, The ABC’s Of Death) and her Go-Go Gorgon Girls.

Tristan’s solo follow up dance included something never before seen on likely any stage ever.

A moving homage to the legend known as Vagina Dentata. The prosthetic piece she wore was MOVING and it was the sexiest Little of Shop of Horrors moment that I think I’ve ever seen.

As hard as it is to follow an act like that, the living dragon Josh Burns performed after, and continued to blow the crowd away.

If you are in Vancouver and haunting through Gastown – keep your eyes out for The Vancouver Silver Man.

Following all this, the show’s script awards for best written short scripts took place:

The finale of the night was a screening of SIRI gone psycho film AMI.
With an award to Dr. David Aboussafy – creator of the Vancouver Bad Ass Film Festival for being a horror hero, because he really is.


Dr. David kindly invited us to the festival to offer some coverage of this gorgeous event and we were so privileged to attend this gathering of cult, horror, exploitation and bizarre cinema.
Vancouver is a second home, and it’s a seat of some of the most talented individuals I’ve had the privilege of working with.
Thank you as well to Tristan and Burns.

You can find more info about the Vancouver Bad Ass Film festival here and be sure to book your tickets for next year or you’ll kick yourself.

You can also listen to our whole podcast about the show on Episode 110.

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