Vancouver Bad Ass Film Festival 5 | Day 2 – Welcome To The Jungle

The Vancouver Bad Ass Film Festival 5 just passed by and if you missed it, I hope you aren’t crying too badly into your old oatmeal, but don’t worry if you are – because a little birdie told me that Bad Ass Vol 6 is next year in March and it’s gonna be even more off the chain.

And we will be there, so double your pleasure.

Day 2 started a bit earlier at 4pm with the World Shorts programming involving short outsider, genre, horror, and science fiction films from around the world.  There was a range of lengths, subject matter and quality, and our favourites spanned genres, and one of our favourites was one about necrophilia, made by sex workers in Brazil and financed largely by selling bodies and illegal street mojitos (all things we are big supporters of – booze and babes).

Tristan Risk starring in An Beanshi round us into the World Shorts as well, and was another graveyard favourite.

The night’s feature entertainment was Brazilian feature A Mata Negra that was really three short films stacked on top of each other masquerading as a movie.  It was a very strange film that ended on such a bizarre note, it was truly remarkable.

The North American short feature section featured again a wide variety of short films of various genres and lengths – with some stand outs being Shane Burzynski’s “Fun and Games” and his thoughts on Chekhov’s gun.  Topher Graham’s BC based “The Devil and I” which was a Son of Sam retelling of being an early settler.  Skip Shea’s “Ave Maria” was a brutal skewering of the Catholic faith that was hard to watch but extremely powerful.  Our stand out favourites were Steven Baran’s “5 Minute Rush” which was shot on Red Cameras and a had a brutal child murder scene that was pretty wild.  Our close second was James Han Lee’s “Most Interesting Man In Show Business” which was a kung fu parody that was hilarious.

Rounding out the night was Amazon Hot Box, a post modern women in prison film that was raunchy, funny, and completely over the top.  Tristan Risk and Ellie Church starred and both played some of the nastiest (and sexiest) ladies behind bars.  There was a lot of send up to the arguable terrible Ilsa movies, but Tristan’s Q&A had her saying something that I’ve felt pretty strongly about for a while – she said she simply expects that there are movies people will have seen, like the Ilsa movies.  This really resonated, as it’s something I’ve said myself many times – I just expect people to have seen certain movies, otherwise we really can’t be friends.

Pictures from the evening are as follows:

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