Vancouver Badass Film Festival 5 | Day 1 | Hard Brexit

The Vancouver Badass Film Festival is in its fifth year this year, continuing the tradition of unleashing subversive and exciting genre features and short films onto Vancouver and we were lucky enough to be in attendance this year. Spread over the course of three days, VBAFF took place in two theatres this year – the absurdly nice Vancity Theatre (where they screen all those fancy VIFF films) and the historic Rio Theatre that was recently saved from the clutches of destruction through the hard work of it’s staff, supporters and some dude named Kevin Smith.

Day one of VBAFF kicked off with a performance from Gidget Gravedigger and Aleister Crane, performing a spooky, comedic magic show to an appreciative opening night crowd. Once things had been opened up in a fashion suitable for an event like Badass, they turned their talents to introducing the two films for the night and hosting the QA while aso treating the audience to another performance that involved a surprise visit from Aleister’s great aunt Millicent. The two films that opened the festival were Polterheist and Perfect Skin, both hailing from the UK hence the evening being dubbed “Hard Brexit” and they complemented each other perfectly – one lighter in tone while the late night offering veered right into the darkness. Polterheist director David Gilbank was on hand to answer audience questions between the screening, which generated this writers favourite description of a character ever, in which he described the villain in his story as a “coked up sexual tyrannosaurus”. Check out the pictures of the pictures of the proceedings shot by Robin Goodfellow.

– Scott

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