An Immortal’s Tale | The Man In The Black Suit | Chapter Six

The Man in the Black Suit is an ongoing story from Deadman. If you missed out on the first chapter, check it out here before jumping in!


“It’s Only Stupid If It Doesn’t Work”

Jon’s body was slow to move, taking it’s time to react to the giant sword coming down on him. Even his mind seemed to have taken a small break at this more than crucial moment, not bringing forth anything that was of any use at all. In fact he had to remind himself later why he was thinking of recipes for potato salad later, but now he had to act fast. He did the only thing he figured he could do: Work a hunch. Many years ago Jon heard that even a holy man could control the most demonic of creatures with a gesture of a hand and the right incantation. He dismissed it as stupid. Now he racked his brain to figure out what the incantation was. The whole idea seemed absurd but he thought after a second, ‘It’s only stupid if it doesn’t work.”

His hand shot out, missing the descending blade by a breath and he made the sign of the cross, backwards. Down to up, right to left, then he shouted as quickly as he could while still being understandable, “Creature of the inferno in the name of The Lord I hereby command thee!” His hand was still pointing at the creature, his eyes wide, muscles tense as rocks, and a heavy sword resting it’s razor sharp edge against the crown of his head, just above his hair. The world was paused. Then the sword lifted and the demon before him began to take a knee, begrudgingly as it was, but it complied. Jon laughed like a madman while he scrambled to his feet, trying to get the chalky, white dust off his suit. He squatted before the creature and adjusted his hair, his grey eyes focused intensely.

“Do you have any idea how hard it is to get those sand grains out of a suit like this? We’re going to have a little chat now. Depending on your answers you could either walk away from this or your people can come collect you with a sponge.” The demon’s eyes were filled with hate and ire, staring at the immortal as it had to obey every word it was told. “Y….Y-yes….Master…” Jon nodded and let the conversation between two things that should not be begin.

“Who sent you?”
“My clan.”
“For revenge?”
“For the honor of justice.”
“Because I killed your brother, was it?”
“Okay. Did you know your brother along with five others were at a place with a copy of the Devil’s bible and the Spear of Tristen?”
The creature hit it’s first wall, “……No. But he was doing his duty to-”
“To the one who abandoned your kind here? To the one that cast you out to be slaughtered on the end of the swords of people like me?”
“……..There are things you do not understand…”
“Oh? Like the fact that your kind gets promised a thousand times a day to be sent home in exchange for your servitude? Or that the Templars still hunt you?”
“Like you know anything, puny human!”
“I’m not human. Far from it. I’m older than your entire race. And I know the promises and the subjugation that your kind has suffered, as well. What’s your name?”
“Okay, Krevwath. Here’s the sixty thousand dollar question: What do you know about the ones buying up all the realty the old graveyards stand on?”
“Only one thing….”
“Go on.”
“They’re human.”

Jon stood up and nodded his head, his hand coming up to rub his smoothly shaved chin, deep in thought. Humans mean more trouble than misguided demons and their silly, ancient beliefs. And now he had a solid clue to stand upon as well as the addresses of the graveyards. Money had to be flowing as well as the land moving. He needed to speak to a banker. Usually there’d be some odd nomenclature that came with the entire banker premise, but this time it was just a banker. Then the issue of the giant, horned, revenge seeking demon at his feet came back around.

Again he squatted before Krevwath and looked deep into the burnt brown eyes of the demon, “You’ll not get your revenge today. Or any day. For that matter you no longer serve the one below. You serve me. Now. Go back to your normal life before this quest and I’ll summon you when I need you, Krevwath. This is not a mercy. This is my way of showing you the truth of what it is you’re claiming to want. Stand and go forth.” Jon stood up as did the demon. It stared at Jon for a while then sneered and snorted it’s disapproval for all the things Jon had just said. Then it turned, sheathed the giant sword, and walked away.

‘Zealots.’ Jon thought. ‘They make the world blind.’ Jon restarted his interrupted walk to the curb again and his phone chimed, alerting him of new messages. Fingers now wide awake with adrenaline and a mind working a million miles an hour pulled the phone out and checked the newly received news. It was an email from Ricky, the vampiric bartender, with the subject line “Brutal Murder On Capital Street”. Jon’s face twisted into a puzzled expression as he opened the message and read the first line. Then he froze. The line was plain and easy to read and Jon knew what it meant
“Michael Larotche, private banker, gunned down in front of business on capital street.”
For once the immortal was behind the line, the enemy a step ahead. And that’s never a good way to start a fight. If humanity stood a chance Jon needed to even the odds, and quick. He’d need more than a vial of holy water to do it, so he closed the email and switched to his contact list, scrolled down and hit dial. “Hey there, Peter. I’m going to need some stuff. Be there tonight.” He flagged down a passing cab and hung up on the contact named ‘Armory’.



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