PREMIERE! Burial Grid Unleashes Psycho-Sonic New Video For “An Unwilling Spectator”

You kids like when things get all glitchy and weird and dark right? Good, because oh man do I have a music video for you to put in front of your eyeballs. Burial Grid is a synth producer out of Massachusetts who wears their ’70 and ’80s horror score love on their sleeve, incorporating that love into doom-laden synth, which you’ve probably heard on some of our videos because we just get each other. “An Unwilling Spectator” is the first track released from Burial Grids new album My Body Dissolves as I Watch and Dissolve which is due to be unleashed on March 20th. The video, which I’m pretty sure is a perfect representation of k-holing while watching an old horror VHS, was directed by Daniel James Cashman (Anthro Rex, Greyskull, Trashcanland), who utilized a variety of ancient analog equipment because he knows how to do things right. Burial Grid had this to say about “An Unwilling Spectator”:

“An Unwilling Spectator was directly inspired by a past experience, many years ago. I had taken a quantity of hallucinogens during a bout of severe, ceaseless, seemingly causeless depression in the hope that it would pluck me out of it the way psychedelics, when used responsibly can. The timing or the dose must have been off because the result was an eight hour decent into pure depersonalization. I saw myself as others see me, yet when I looked at my reflection I didn’t recognize myself. I saw myself dying, as someone who wasn’t aware of all of my innermost inclinations, desires, disappointments, and private joys. As a strange doctor or staff nurse would see an old failure die. The new album is about the mental and emotional minutia that we may (or may not) experience as our hearts cease and our brains snuff out, and I felt like this fit right into that type of psycho-sonic turmoil.”

Be sure to follow Burial Grid on the socials and snag not only their new album My Body Dissolves as I Watch and Dissolve but their previous releases as well over on Bandcamp. My Body Dissolves as I Watch and Dissolve hits the digital streets March 20th so be sure to grab it!


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