Ven Scott’s Film Debut – “Date From Hell”

Ven Scott is a man you should know if you like your metal heavy and your hospitality Southern. Frontman of Runescarred and formerly of Dead Earth Politics, Ven is a Texas metalhead through and through and his love of all things heavy and horror shines through in his short film directorial debut – “Date From Hell”.

Last time we spoke to you fine readers about “Date From Hell”, it was still being crowdfunded and shot and now, the finished product has hit the festival circuit and we were so very privileged to peep our eyeballs upon it and let me tell you – this little film fucking whips a tremendous amount of ass.

For a first time short, this film was very well shot, excellent cinematography and attention to detail shots that perfectly give off that sweaty Texas metal vibe – from the cracking of beers to the lovely tattoos on the bartender, to the honky Toni accents of Bobbie and Susie.

The story of the short is that Bobbie and Susie are on a date and are being pursued by a killer drifter who has been stalking and stabbing his way through town. The film clocks in at under 10 minutes, and the start to finish is somewhat standard horror campiness that reminds me of old Urban Legends and 1980s slasher flicks and the overall result is something fun that I would expect to see in any horror anthology. Frankly, this short is better than a lot of the offerings I see in anthology features.

It had a beginning, middle, and end, and even gave a little wink and nod to the horror types at the end.

Overall this film is a solid 5/6 for me – and works as a great jumping off point. Being able to pull off this tight of a short on your first try is pretty spectacular, and I sincerely hope that we see a full length in the future.

“Date From Hell” Horror Short Teaser Trailer from Amadon-Shannon Media Group on Vimeo.

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