Mother of Millions – “Artifacts”

I guess you could say I was one of those broody emo kinda types back in the day. I’ve always had a great love for Coheed & Cambria, for melodic and grand thematic elements to my heavy music, and Mother of Millions’ upcoming album “Artifacts” brought me right back to that place of my youth.

The band was formed in Athens, Greece in 2008, and this album serves as a follow up to 2017’s “Sigma”.

The tracks are heavy, driving, but have this wonderfully melodic bent that gets wrapped into standard radio friendly heavy rock stylings while remaining almost gothic in nature with plenty of Gregorian-esque chanting throw in. At points there is a kind of psych-rock push to the guitar work that reminds me of the Pixies and the vocals warble between early aughts screamo like AlexisOnFire.

The album isn’t really easily definable and neither is the genre and I think that’s what makes this band and the album particularly stand out. This can often be a bit of bold move for bands to move between these multi-genre stylings, and sometimes it can fall flat, but Mother of Millions delivers steady on these tracks, and I found myself genuinely impressed.

I think for people who are looking for music that is both relaxing and uplifting as well as being driving and powerful, this is probably going to be an album you don’t want to sleep on.

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