Polterheist, A Film Even John Wick Would Approve of!

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Some believers in the paranormal hold on to the idea that ghosts remain in the mortal plane because they have unfinished business. Whether that poor soul was a life cut short, what about the bad guys? Do they immediately go to hell? Writer/Director David Gilbank answers that in a bloody-brilliant supernatural crime drama, Polterheist.

It tries to be serious, but the humour which underscores this work is sublime and chuckle worthy. Two bungling gangsters–Tariq (Sid Akbar Ali; Banana) and Boxy (Jamie Cymbal; Seizure)–from Bradford (United Kingdom) accidentally kill their immediate superior, Frank. Before they realize the folly of their mistake, another drug lord who is “higher up” in this criminal network gives them 72 hours to find the loot they obtained, or they die too. The dead tell no tales, and the only person who knows was Frank, and his business he wanted to conduct was left unfinished when he met an untimely death.

Uday (Pushpinder Chani) nearly steals this film as a zealous drug lord. His scenes show how invested he is as a Lex Luthor type who is willing to muddy his hands with a cricket stick. He adds to part of this film’s quirky charm. As skeletons from the closet are revealed about Tariq and Boxy’s relationship, they come to head more often than not with the help of psychic Alice (Jo Mousley–Monroe). The drama here is intense and not your typical Hollywood style screenplay. Gilbank penned this work with Gemma Head and Paul Renhard, and the polish put into this work emphasizes character development over the glitz most genre films tend to focus on.

The only way the robbers can figure out where the stash went is to contact Frank and although Alice should be holding all the cards, she is at her best when the assertive spirit of Frank is in control. Mousley–Monroe’s transition to this entity when she’s possessed is the highlight and enjoyable to follow as the hard nosed alpha. Go #metoo!

The violence is hardcore enough where even John Wick would even approve. All guts, no glory … and does anyone come back from dead? I enjoyed this film’s look at why some people took to a life of crime and the answers given make sense. I find it rare to find a film which tries to understand the criminal mind, and when it offers some logical perspectives, even as a viewer, I can’t help but sympathize. That alone makes this film ace.



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