Getting My Pagan-Folk On With Norvhar

One thing you fine viewers may not know so commonly is that secondary to being a recovering sad goth, I am also a recovering elf/faerie/LARPer type.

No, I don’t have a super cool origin story for my faerie and elf obsession like playing D’n’D or listening to endless Cirith Ungol albums (though these are both facts of my life), I mostly just took a bunch of LSD and went to hippie festivals and thought crystals and dressing like a deranged High Elf was dope as fuck. Spoiler: it wasn’t.

All this aside, being a fae obsessed Uber nerd left me with a very distinct for a lot of pagan metal, faerie metal, and the usual Scandinavian folk metal – Korpiklaani, Finntroll, Ensiferum, OMNIA, Faun and many many more.

So my feelers always get hard over bands that have the same kind of vibe going for them, and got low key extremely excited to check out the new songs from Norvhar, who are a Swiss pagan folk band that sing about your standard pagan folk things like drinking mead in Midgard, blood, and gold. They’ve got two songs up right now on their bandcamp – “Fest in Midgard” and “Of Stone, Gold, and Blood” and these tracks are both interesting.

I was a bit surprised at the heaviness of the tracks because a lot of the folk metal I have previously heard tends towards a bit lighter, cleaner singing, a bit more jaunty. This music is folky with some jaunt to it, particularly in “Of Stone, Gold, and Blood”, while remaining heavy in nature.

I’m looking forward to hear the full album from this troupe, because I can see these guys playing any numerable amount of shows with bigger and more well established acts like Korpiklaani.

So I recommend keeping an ear to the mead horn for more news from Norvhar, and take your tunic to the dry cleaners because I’m already looking forward to seeing them live.
You can check out these tracks over on their Bandcamp and be sure to hit them with some of those sweet sweet Facebook likes.

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