A Response To Jered Threatin’s “Hoax” Claim (Video)

Jered Threatin has finally broken his silence in two interview pieces.

Rolling Stone

And Jessica Lussenhop’s arguably better article for the BBC

My previous video about Threatin:
can be found here

The latest podcast episode where we talk about Slay Belles and All The Creatures Were Stirring is right here.

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One response to “A Response To Jered Threatin’s “Hoax” Claim (Video)

  1. Fame is a fickle gal, which is reasonable as it is also 90% luck. I’m a writer, and it is sad, but I tell people there are more lottery winners than rich and famous authors. I look at the interview and wonder about the inability of people to honestly assess themselves. (Most people think they are above average, which is a statistically impossible.)

    Good commentary though.

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