A Frightening Halloween Camping Trip You’ll Never Forget

Editor’s Note: Okay guys, this one is a little bit out of season, but if you’re anything like us and your season post Halloween depression has been kicking in strong, here’s a Halloweeny article that got missed this year, to help you plan a spooky Halloweeny camping trip, after all, there’s only 348 days until next Halloween, which reminds me.. I probably need to start thinking about my costume.


A Celtic festival more than 2000 years ago marked the start of the nation’s Halloween celebrations. The Celts believed “the lines between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred” on October 31. As a result, ghosts and spirits would return to earth. So, what better way to mark Halloween than to scare yourself and all your friends by camping out somewhere absolutely terrifying? Therefore, if you’re after a fright-tastic evening, reminiscent of a spine-chilling horror movie, here’s how to create the ultimate Halloween camping trip.


Choosing the scariest location

Camping in a field is nowhere near scary enough at Halloween. Instead, you need to make a big and bold statement in order to scare your friends and create a trip they’ll never forget. California is home to some of the most haunted campsites, so it’s well worth a trip. Campers at Fernwood Campground, Big Sur frequently report seeing the ghost of an Indian wearing a corn mask who creepily watches guests as they try to sleep. Meanwhile, the spirits at Calico Ghost Town cemetery reportedly bite, bruise and molester guests during the night.

Making your trip extra frightening

The phantom spirits are sure to frighten you and your friends during your camping trip. But why not make things even more frightening by adding your own creepy twist? To truly scare your friends, recreate some of the most terrifying scenes from your favorite horror movies. Staging a vanishing act in true Blair Witch style will leave your companions fearing for your safety on the scariest night of the year. Or, how about leaving horrific props, such as a trail of fake blood around the campsite to ensure that no one gets a good night’s sleep?

Protecting yourself from the bad guys

It’s Halloween, so there will plenty of ghosts and ghouls lurking around. One in five state they’ve seen a ghost, and as it’s Halloween, they’re sure to be out in full force. Therefore, you’ll need a survival kit of essential items in your bag to keep the bad guys at bay. Military-style accessories may be needed to protect you and your friends, so make sure you’re prepared for any eventuality. And, even if you’re not invaded by the spirits of the night, you’ll need a selection of outdoor supplies to make it through the evening.

You can frighten your friends this Halloween by planning the ultimate camping trip. For maximum impact, be sure to choose the creepiest location you can find and take steps to scare your mates with props and copycat movie scenes. And, don’t forget to come prepared for the bad guys with a full survival kit.



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