Jered Threatin Speaks, and Why It’s Bullshit

As promised, the man himself, Jered Threatin spoke today on twitter, for the first time since this debacle regarding a bought and paid for fan base began.

And this is what he said:

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 5.52.11 PM.png

Oh boy, the use of “fake news” (Jered Threatin does follow Trump on twitter afterall), with the implication that this whole piece was some kind of political comment, Andy Kaufman esque art piece.  I called this yesterday in my video:



Basically that this would be played off some troll piece to “own the libs” by fucking over the metal media which tends to be more left leaning as a whole.  But thing is, with all that’s come out now about this charade – is this actually what this all was? MetalSucks published an article today detailing the true identity of Threatin – Jered Eames, whose brother Scott Eames plays in legitimate bands. This brother went on to give an interview to MetalSucks about the whole thing and it paints Jered in an eerie light as someone who is manipulative ant fame hungry at best and highly deluded at worst.

I’ve been very captivated by this whole event, mostly, like I said in the video I made (go watch it), that I’ve had this experience myself. For those who haven’t watched (how dare you), I will briefly sum up:

In my younger days as fledgling horror film critic, I briefly wrote for a website that bought their following. I was very easily taken in by their professionalism and language that was slick and hard hitting, but within a short amount of time, the cracks in that veneer began to show. They weren’t really who they said they were. I ended up getting burned and it sucked. I lost a lot of really good writing and more than that, I’ve never really trusted many people in “the biz” ever since, and it is also why I’m fiercely protective of my work, and it’s also why I don’t run ads on this site and never will. It’s also why I don’t monetize my YouTube videos and never will.

And more than anything else, it’s why I really feel for the bands that were fucked over by this tour, the venues, and everyone else involved who got dragged along for either a deeply mentally ill person’s delusions, or for some weird way to own the libs by dEeP aRt. It’s not cool, and for a lot of these bands, whether they’re going to admit it or not, this is gonna stick. Once it stops being funny and the meme magic is over, everyone is gonna be like, “okay well, this sucked”. And it does.

It’s why I don’t buy this deep art project illusion statement in even the slightest. Wouldn’t the logical point of this type of art project or political statement have come after these supposed sold out tour dates had been filled based on lies and a paid for following? You know, the tour ends and the curtain goes up revealing the puppet master behind it all laughing about how he had conned the metal media? Thing is, it’s happened before. A fake Israeli black metal band did this like what, five years ago? Fooling journalists isn’t hard. And everyone lives for a long con. But it appears like Threatin has been at this con for a while. Years, even. And really, the only person he conned was himself. The smoke is clearing and the joke is very much over and more than anything else, I hope Jered gets the help it’s obvious he needs.

But more than that, I hope the bands and session musicians who were involved in this way at least manage to sell some records, get some coverage of their own, tell their stories, and most of all, don’t let this fuck up of a tour define who they are.

I said it in the video and I’ve said it on twitter – if you were a band involved in this and you tour Canada’s western provinces, please send me an email as I would like to offer you complementary photography. If you want your stuff featured on this site, please also let me know. I want to help.

I’m still going to twirl my picture frame, but I’m done laughing.

And I urge the metal media to circle the wagons and help out the bands with some coverage, because they’re actually all pretty talented.

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