The First Purge (2018)

Bonus features can make or break a home video release of a film. I love the depth that can be explored, and the best set to own is with The Lord of the Rings trilogy. With The First Purge (the fourth film in the series), some might expect a compendium of reports and found footage to detail first hand experiences of this event. This title releases October 2nd.

Instead, the bonus material offered is short and sweet. It gets to the point and certainly satisfies introducing me to the world and explaining who the New Founding Fathers of America are, the allusions to the current “state of affairs” in this country, and what those masks mean. 

For anyone coming into this franchise new, like me, the contents work. More could have been said, but I feel a series bible is not needed in this case. Die-hard fans created a Purge Wikipedia to provide the rest of the answers and backhistory needed to get up to speed. I feel prepared to watch the television series which is (at time of writing than publication) now four episodes in. They are saved on my PVR to binge watch as I am going to view in chronological order than in where the story takes place in Purge Time.

The whole idea of this cleansing is to allow any and all crime to run rampant. This also includes letting people getting away with murder. However, there’s a deeper narrative concerning race riots, the KKK and hatred. The bonus material explained all that to me, and I am grateful.

When disdain for another individual crawls under one’s skin and they really want to do something about it, the wait can be long, lest they explode with such vile that control is impossible. Skeletor (no relation to the villain from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe) is the focus in this movie. He commits the first murder under this program, and with no surprise, it comes with repercussions from a family member of the victim. This film is very cat and mouse, and the thrill ride is certainly one which explores a lot of societal concerns.Just how well everyone can read into the messages is a mixed bag.

I feel I can learn more about why this fantasy society works with the box set, also now available. Suspiciously missing in this release is the lack of a director’s commentary. The selling point of this latest cinematic entry is because the lovely Marisa Tomei is in it. She is the architect of this world and amusingly does not quite realize what she’s done. I have hopes she will eventually appear in the network series to undo what has happened unless it’s too late.


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