31 Days of Halloween in Pictures: Day 3

31 Days exist in the month of October, and since attempting to do Podoween and Vlogoween isn’t enough for the graveyard drunks, we have also decided to attempt a third project called 31 Days of Halloween in Pictures and it will be a photo essay of 31 different photographs taken throughout the month of October.



Day 3 is a random shot I took while sitting in my reading room – I have one of the comfiest little chaise couches and it’s surrounded by books and comics and records and old cassette tapes and comfy cozy pillows. Sometimes the things that make me the happiest are some of the smallest things like this Shirley Jackson throw pillow. Everyone should remember reading “The Lottery” in school, and if you have not.. you should. Sitting surrounded by comfy things, this pillow really made me feel those spooky vibes today.

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