A Desire Born of Dark Curiosity (Original Short Story)


Photograph by oldblackgoat

This original short story was first posted here.

As he tip-toed carefully across the kitchens threshold Edward dared not make a sound. He spied his prey across the room. He took a moment to study her movements, a slight swaying in time to a melodic ditty, a barely discernable tune which escaped her pursed lips as she unhurriedly dried the evenings dishes. Standing across from him, her back turned, she was oblivious to his stealth.

Their earlier meal was improvised, unplanned, rather basic if truth be told but remarkable. Her culinary skills were impressive, She was confident and self-taught but one would never guess as much.

The afternoons waning sunlight cast a silouhette of her lithe form against the opposite wall. She had a physique many envied, and he continued to admire even some sixteen years after they’d  first been introduced. A smile worked its way onto Edwards features as he moved in for “the kill”. She was still blissfully unaware of his presence. Inches away he could smell her perfume, it was faint but intoxicating. He leaned in and nuzzled her neck playfully. Placing the towel and plate in her grasp upon a spotless counter she turned, appearing hardly surprised, revealing the “girl next door”. Freckles highlighted a knowing smirk beneath sparkling emerald eyes.
“Honey, put your feet up. I’ve got this.”
Cradling her slender neck in his hands he stole a kiss. “Beautiful, talented and selfless.” Several seconds disappeared as he clasped her hands within his own. In which time he melted into the unfathomable depths of her beauty. “I don’t tell you nearly enough how much I love you.” She pulled away ending the moment with a childish squeel. “Oh, be away with you…Not in the kitchen, dear.” A Grandmotherly kiss dismissed future shenanigans.
Edward stepped into the adjoining room but couldn’t help himself  “I hope you don’t come to your senses, and realize it’s me that’s the lucky one.” He spied her return to a sink full of suds as her loveliness was lost behind a dividing wall. The phone rang, abruptly yanking him out of his admiration.  He picked up. A simple recorded message asked for a three digit code which he entered without pause or a second thought.

All is ready. Thank you for your business Mr. Brown.”

Brief and to the point. It was to be this weekend after much planning, his long overdue and much-anticipated ‘Business trip’. Although Edward had been married for fifteen blissful years he still had urges. An insatiable ‘itch’ that needed ‘attention’ from time to time. An itch he dared not even ask his closest friend, his wife, to attempt to muse upon, let alone scratch.

   Several days earlier…

It was as if everything was moving at warp speed. At was at times like these that he felt he had a painful understanding of how the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland must have felt.

Late, late I’m going to be late.

And what a day to be late. Clients from the main Corporate office were slated to show. One of the largest investments of the past five years was about to be secured, and he was going to represent the regional office by being unprofessional and… it went without mentioning…LATE. He had hastily kissed his wife goodbye and after advising Bowen, his thirteen year old son, that three hours of gaming a day, usually each morning before school, was more than enough he was throwing his case into the car with no regard for where it fell. He had his fingers crossed that the SAAB didn’t let him down, it had suffered more than its share of problems in the past.


He lambasted himself, getting upset and acting like a speed freak heading to the dealers for a long overdue “fix” was no way to act professional. And he knew it. Edward slowed to the speed limit, not the ‘posted limit’, and started a breathing routine to calm his nerves.

He was going to be late.

His hands fumbled for the radio dial. Relaxing music would do the trick, he was sure of it. Rock music pummeled the speakers filling the car with dangerously inciteful rhythms. It didn’t help and he wasn’t in the right mood. He lifted his finger momentarily, a deplorable cacophonous noise many deemed ‘popular music’ filled the car. He couldn’t turn it off fast enough. His eyes scanned the digital dial as the numbers increased in tens. He lifted his finger halting the readouts progress. Adult contemporary. Nothing quite matched the feeling of being stuck in a crowded elevator between floors. Skip that. Where in God’s name was the Classical station?

At last. Vivaldi swept through the car like a welcome breeze to caress his frazzled senses, his digits lifted from the display and he stopped shaking ever so slightly. With his audio conquest complete, a glance toward oncoming traffic told him all he needed to know and nothing he wanted to. His current predicament was not going to improve any. Annoyingly delayed was quickly transforming into getting nowhere frustratingly fast. In fact, he was now going to be later than late. Flashing lights and a long line of smoking exhaust fume vehicles stretched towards the foreseeable distance to signify his calming trick would not work or even help in his endeavours to reach his destination anytime soon or a place of calm.

Fuck it!

Edward allowed anger and unrestrainable rage to take the wheel. The car swerved. It wasn’t at like the Carrie Underwood song, his wife liked so much, in the slightest. He passed vehicles and frustration incarnate in the form of pissed off rush hour drivers with the confident realization that he could make the time up.

He could make it.

The cause of traffics obstruction became clear, closer, the sudden realization that he was going too fast hit him like the after effects of gas station sushi. A pair of cars caught in a mangled machinery lovers embrace, emergency vehicles parked wily-nily and segregated crowds, witnesses pointing and staring and thousand yard stare innocents, casualties of vehicular misfortune, filled his view and the windscreen in a blinding flash.

Panic surged through his torso transforming his blood to ice. A change of underwear was in order and more than a couple of stiff drinks when all this was said and done. Unable to control his frustrations any longer his demon driven lead foot came back to the fore, drastic measures had to be enforced. Edward swerved again, apparently His go-to technique of choice, tires spat dirt in a tug of war for traction. Being late now the last thing on his mind Mr. oh-so-professional found himself praying to the Gods of anything and everything to at least make it out of this situation unscathed.

A hurried glimpse over white knuckles brought his worst fear to bear. Eyes connected. Sheer terror and shock shook hands and exchanged email addresses. Dishevelled in appearance, with her hair in disarray, she had the unmistakable look of a recent survivor of unexpected calamity. And…Now this. Inches separated her torso from his four-wheeled contraption of her imminent departure from this world. Then the unexpected happened. As if lifted out of the picture by the Reaper whispering …it’s not your time…yet. Complemented by an impromptu magician like whisk of color (hazah!) she was no longer there.  With his heartbeat in his mouth, and his every nerve elevated Edward regained control. The car unceremoniously slammed into overdrive. Road flares tangled in the grill as the engine screamed. As he fled the scene he felt every glance upon him. Guilty.

He was leaving the scene of a crime. But, was it a crime? Something was happening, but it was nothing he had caused. His was a crime of impatience perhaps, but no one was hurt. Shaken, sure …but not stirred. A feminine giggle  escaped his mouth. He laughed again, at his nervousness and attempts at levity. Panic subsided, turned to relief, as adrenaline slowed its frenetic surging. It was then that he heard the amplified screech of abused rubber, an elongated silence and then a multitude of screams. High pitched wails which continued to be haunt him for the next few sleepless nights.

The Day of…

  The day started out well. He’d managed to leave the house on time with no unnecessary distractions. He’d even remembered his case, admittedly it was his daily bane and reason for many a return trip home. The contents today, though, were not the usual. unbeknownst to his loving family this weekend was not the usual work related excursion. It was however, a much-needed break for him from work and normalcy to be honest. As much as he hated to admit it he would miss the normal weekend routine. Bowen you can’t spend all weekend inside. The sun’s shining. Make the most of it…Besides, it was only a few days, admittedly most of the first day and part of the second en route, but it was well worth it. Excitement coursed through his every pore. En route, He enjoyed the somewhat hypnotic white noise of wheel upon worn track on the train ride out-of-state. It was a twelve-hour route, an amount of time he knew he could have shortened if he’d have done the research but it mattered not. In essence it gave him time to unwind, his mind started to wander.

The locale of every ‘Business trip’ he had taken changed each time. Some were closer than others, though none too close as to raise suspicion. Currency never changed hands per se, rather every detail was taken care of discreetly. Any and all charges legitimate and, if needed, traceable back to a reputable source / business. Asking questions in such a transaction would account to distrust, besides he had yet to be disappointed. Every detail was immaculate and without fault. If only the company He worked in could have dealings with others of a similar ilk and quality. He looked across at the scenery flashing past the windows and felt a gaze in his direction. It wasn’t the first time either, though he sensed that it had become more concentrated as of late. Turning his gaze he looked boldly,  directly, at his admirer. She sat alone several rows down facing him. She appeared to be slender of frame, tall, and not at all hard to look upon. Her unwavering gaze was inviting, and not in the least bit threatening. She didn’t appear to be lost in a daydream. A radiant smile widened as she sensed his gaze upon her. Hers was aimed at him, and him alone. He resisted the urge to twist and steal a glance behind, confidence was not lost on him. He was aware that apart from himself, her and the playfully smile, the compartment was bare. The glance was not therefore needed, though as she slowly approached it appeared tact, wit and charm might be.

“May I..” Again the playfull smile and …manners. A skill sadly lacking in todays society at an alarmingly increasing rate. He became intrigued. “Please…” He stood, showcasing his knowledge of a similar ancient art. He offered her the seat across from him.

She offered a manicured hand and stated her name in measured sylables that dripped confidence.


Edward took the offered hand, he noticed an odd quality to her grip, a firmness. In supplying his name he supplied a moniker, an alias, it was one he had abused before. There was no reason for real identities to be exchanged. Although this was not the reason for his weekend, he was a happily married man, curiosity nudged at his being incessantly.

“Why, may I ask, are you headed outside of civilization. Not much for miles around …in these heer parts..” His comical southern drawl brought forth a tilt to the lips and a slight narrowing of ochre painted skin surrounding eyes of undisernable color.

Pray to God she didn’t have a strong southern accent, then he’d feel like a right ass!

“Business…mostly.” The reply was playful and paired with a wink which was not hard to read. This was quickly turning into something more than flirting. It had the potential for serious adult schnanigans. Edward chose his next sentence carefully “Hmmm…mostly..?” Raising an eyebrow he continued. “Come to the city muu-!” Her fingers upon his lips cut him short. She winked aggressively and pulled him roughly toward her applying pressure on his shocked open mouth with hers. Practised hands reached out to find buckles, clips and zips. Edwards clothes were shed, roughly pulled from his seated torso. Her passion vividly exposed with blatant disregard for decency. Shock slowly left his system. This had never happened to him before. With such reckless abandon she has forced her will upon him. He could well imagine others enjoying this scenario, but this wasn’t quite his style, not to mention he was happily married. He seperated respecfully.

“Look, look… I think yo-!..” This time a well concealed knife cut his sentence short. He looked down to see its point pressed firmly against his lower swelling extremity. “Shhhh… You won’t have to do much!” She slithered out of her loose pants, it was obviously a well practised movement. “Perhaps just…” She paused to consider the many options at her disposal. “…lay still.” Another more menacing, oddly playfull, smirk contorted her features as she pushed aside silk panties. The movement drew his eyes downwards to alight upon ‘her’ excited sex.

She was a He. And it was larger than his own, was very much engorged, standing to attention, and was more than primed ready for action.

“Turn around lover.”  A delightfully cheeky pat on the his behind was probably the worst mistake He/She could have made. Having had a knife pulled upon him made Edward a little peeved, however he wasn’t scared. Unlike ‘Her’ advances this had happened before. The position of said knife was merely a catalyst for his controlled fury. A chopping hand to the throat cut his aggressor down in an instant. Gasping for air Jezebel lay prone. The tables had turned.

With a fistful of hair Edward unceremoniously dragged his attacker from the compartment. Strangely he couldn’t help but notice that that her hair had a coconut aroma a silky luxurious feel and felt real. Wheezing and certainly in some degree of pain Jezebel cried out, pleaded but that there was no one in the vacinity to take note. Naked and not caring Edward tore open the interconnecting door between cabins with little difficulty. Country air assaulted both aggressor and victim with sudden viciousness. A stuttered groan of an apology was the last thing to fall from Jezebells lips as the countryside rushed to meet her catapulted form.

Any more surprises? Edward uttered as he reentered the cabin. The whereabouts of his clothes and the trains lack of passemgers a complete mystery.

The car was where promised. And the keys were in Edward case. They had been mailed in a plain brown envelope, such was the custom and practise of the one he referred to as merely the “Supplier”. Never failing to be anything but professional and reliable, he, possibly she, had quite the opportunity to impress in real world dealings, if the opportunity ever presented itself. Though, Edward surmissed, why would it. He reflected back on this and past transactions and the impact it had taken on his ‘secret’ savings account. It led him to believe this was a very lucarative business indeed. He preferred not to think about the number of people delving into such activities such as this. It was all about him, this weekend and this excursion. He worked damn hard and deserved to be able to enjoy anything he chose. He wasn’t after all hurting anyone or even himself. Truth be told this was something he  never discussed with anyone, even his closest of friend. Although their tastes, admittedly, ran to things quite jaded at the best of times. A splash of a memory flashed across his mind, a scene in a Mexican border town several years previous. Underage participants, copious amounts of liquor and hashish only a background to the travesty of depraved fetishes eagerly participated in.

Closer now Edward positively shivered with delight. Three years had passed since his last ‘Business’ foray. It had been a literal nightmare locating the destination. He had made the mistake of asking locals, in an area he thought to be close, for directions. Instructions were imparted in such a way that afterwards he believed he knew more about the local farm and history of the area and it’s celebrities, than he did the actual location of his interest. “Locals”. Gotta love em’…quite the source of amusment and …frustration. He had taken special note, this time of the destinations location. He was very pleased with the vehicle supplied. It was inconspicous to say the least, a late 90’s Ford coupe (the SAAB was in a parking lot awaiting his return). As a younger lad he had owned virtually the same model, practically the same color. Was it coincidence, or did his ‘associates’ know more about him than they let on? For security reasons perhaps. The thought slipped as his memories slid back into his youth. He remembered vivividly smoking the Fords tires to impress friends. He had made quite the impression on his parents one night as he returned home late, his car strapped to a tow truck black smoke billowing from the tires and a still smoldering engine compartment.

“In one mile you will reach your destination”.

The robotic navigational voice brought Edward out of his youthful recollection. He’d learned his lesson from his last foray into nowheresville and had chosen immediately upon his return home to invest in navigational technology. It had worked! Time was apparently on his side, even after the distraction on the train. He pitied the poor fool who was given the duty of cleaning that colorful mess up. Although he was certain the forest wildlife would get their share first, not to mention that future commuters would be spared the surprise, one of many to be honest.

Following further emotionless automaton instructions Edward nosed his rental into what appeared to be a driveway without end. Overrun with greenery ...even “Shrubbery”… (Edward giggled like a toddler on Christmas morning. Monty Python’s brand of off-beat humor still made him chuckle) it was hard to make out where the lane directed him. Being that much closer to his destination made him giddy, if truth be told. He brought the vehicle to a halt. The driveway had opened up. The myriad of tangled vines scratching at the cars paint had disappeared the shocked scurrying forrest dwelling critters yelling their discontent were no more. At one time, Edward mused, the structure before him had been usefull but it now lay abadoned and forgotten. It wasn’t until now, however, that it had finally been given a purpose, of sorts.

Edward collected a rucksack, his case left unsecured in the cars front foot well. He left the car unlocked, he didn’t expect anything to happen this far from civilization, and strode leisurely toward the partly boarded up weathered stone construct. If he were to guess he would say it was a mausoleaum, but having no experience in such matters he wouldn’t place money on any of his assumptions. He pondered on what other uses it could have had in its past. It had been here for some time he was sure of it. The architecture was classical, gothic in tone. The building was square, windowless and devoid of any semblance of charm, unless of course that was your style, then it was glorious, and all you could ever really hope for.

Three steps brought Edward to a large door, which was surprisingly easy to open. He stepped inside. After a moment of fumbling his fingers found more than a little dust and a switch (in a mausoleaum?). Light flooded the interior of the room. A quick scan showed it to be near monk bare, all apart from a raised ancient looking stone dias in its center covered by a cloth devoid of decoration or marking. A smirk touched Edwards lips. He pulled the impressive wooden door to a close and prepared to let the outside world and all that came with its baggage fade from his thoughts.

After placing his rucksack in a corner of the expansive room Edward carefully removed an item. He scanned for an electrical outlet. If there was a lightswitch there was sure to be an outlet, right?

The beauty and delicate prose of timeless music filled the chamber. The music was somewhat fitting. After finding a volume to his liking Edward rose then strode towards the center of the room and the interiors only deserning character. With his heart racing and his excitement level reaching ever more palpable  heights he brought his steps to a halt. Edward reached out to touch the clean surface of the shrouded stone. His head swam with a blend of euphoria and giddiness. With his digits upon the sheet a thrill, an electric current of sorts, coursed through his entire being. Moving not a muscle he succumbed to a flash, a childhood recollection, which abruptly flooded his senses.

As a child Edwards summers were spent in the deepest of countryside, far from the city, with his grandparents. His father worked long hours, slaving to only barely meet the most demanding of overdue bills. His mother had died when he was very young, if truth be told he wouldnt even be able to describe her features if requested to. In his earliest of memories only a fatherly presence came to mind, the only maternal presence apart from his sweet grandmother, who was ever present with baked delights and warm embraces. Any memories of a mother or surrogate fading fast, words short and conversations brief as to the reasons why. Regardless, his childhood was rich in adventure, exploration and experience. Rubbing on even the most regal and bejewelled Genies bottle would not grant a better one. Within one such long summer day he had opted to explore under shade, in a wooded area a stones throw from the lake that adjoined his grandparents vast property. With stick in hand he beat his way deep into unchartered lands and adventure. Arrrr – Mateys treasure be here for the takings, keep yer eyes peeled, near by it be buried… Like a sledgehammer swung at the midsection Edward recallef his Pirate skullduggery suddenly cut short. His stick, mid swing, had lodged in an object covered in a mass ofdecaying leaves. An overriding stench unlike anything smelt before rose from the dislodging of his play sword. Intrigued the young explorer cleared the leafy pile foraging for the unknown, the smell only added to his curiosity. Treasure be damned, this was something …tangible, not fake like in a cartoon and it was unlike anything he had ever witnessed before. Not even on late night shows which his father watched that he had managed to sneak peeks at, stealthily hidden by stair banisters and a comforting blanket. He continued to prod with the stick in his grasp, it was no longer merely a play sword, but it produced no responce only further curiosity. How and why was this here and buried? Edward had seen an occasional dead animal, it wasn’t rare. His grandparents owned several animals, though not enough to call their property a farm. A visit from a malnourished predatory animal amongst the smaller of these animals was an annoying regular occurrence, especially during the colder months. This was no animal though, this was larger than even himself and decidedly ‘not around to smell the roses anymore’ (using his grandmas quite poetic words). There was no mistaking it, this was a body, it was human, naked and… female. Edward vividly remembered the feelings and emotions that fought for control in his young body. He was only eight years of age and before the naked female form was of little or no interest to him, though now it was starting to arouse interest, and something else, varied odd sensations throughout his whole being.

The bodies neck lay at an unnatural angle covered in blue and purple bruisings, the eyes were glazed over, long dirty blonde (he supposed the color once might have been) hair tangled in low lying weed and clumps of dirt. Her arms were tight to her torso slender and pale. Her chest was unlike his own, ample, and reminded him of deflated balls, the oversized ones that were especially easy to pop. When touched they amazed and fasinated him making him of think of a sizable amount of jello on a plate, which usually remained untouched in the fridge. He couldn’t stand the stuff! No color or flavor he remembered ever looking as these did. Her legs and lower parts made his insides feel strange, utterly foreign yet oddly enjoyable. The word naughty came to mind and he could well imagine his Dad bursting upon the scene demanding an explanation.

Her legs, slightly opened, invited his gaze to the patch of hair and the forbidden/tempting area inbetween. Again the stirrings in his gut and… lower still. A growing tightness in places he’d never really thought that much about, until now. Edward had no idea how long he had stood there utterly transfixed, unable to concentrate. Eventually and very reluctantly he decided to cover up his discovery. He marked the spot with a pile of small stones. He would return many more times over the remainder of that special summer. Always vigilant of discovery the visits became shorter, less frequent. Succumbing to the inquisitiveness of pesky critters and the ravages of decomposition the body finally lost its enchantment. And lay abandoned, but not by any means forgotten.

Many years had passed since then, and Edward had never reached the same state of wonder and utter captivation that summer had provided. That was until his first chance encounter with the one who he still referred to as the “Supplier”. A conversation struck up not through a fetish site, for he had prowled thousands of these in his unquenchable dark thirst, but ironically enough in the least menacing of chat room. The Internet and its many delights had indeed proven invaluable in his enjoyment of the most unmentionable of vices, all the more reason why he prefer his son not to loiter.

Quivering with unabated childish excitment Edward coyly lifted the sheet careful not to show the face beneath. He would leave that till later. He was not disappointed. The Mortician proved him/herself yet again a master craftsman. The torso displayed no signs of trauma, weapon or foreign object abuse/entry, bruising of any kind, or dislocation…nothing. Perfection. This ‘specimen’ was a female, they always were upon his specific request. Edward was a fetishist but strictly hetrosexual. The forms flesh was pale, slightly blue in hue and cold to the touch Edwards hands began to wander. Quivering and gooseflesh covered they certainly felt a chill, be it unmistakable unrestrained excitement or temperature he could not be entirely sure. From what he could make out, without revealing the face, the forms hair was clean, dirty blonde in color and fanned out falling close to the floor. The effect giving her an ethereal aura, a beauty in eternal rest. A flash of dark humor produced a smirk as Edward mused upon his companions eyes and whether or not she had enough tariff to pay the ferryman. He was getting giddy.

A clang abruptly resonated throughout the chamber as Edwards belt and pants dropped to the floor without a care. He could no longer control his urges, although if truth be told he really wasn’t trying, it was all admittedly a little too much to bear.

The centuries old arrangement of melody and majesty accompanied the act of an atrocious appetite. Foreplay. Edward closed his eyes and let his hands continue to explore. The movements quickly turned feverish in their intensity. Initially an exploration transforming into ravaging unrestrained molestation. With his heart pounding Edward yanked the form closer, the friction caused by the contact of lifeless rock and livid flesh producing an odd sound, much like a innocent frolicking in a bathtub.

With his loins alight with uncontrollable carnal desire Edward thrust forward. Foreplay be damned! The moment of penetration was exquisite and every core of his being screamed for release. So soon. His pleasures already at a state warranting the patience and concentration of a trained Zen accolyte.

He continued. Slow at first, delicate strokes to help the unyielding passage widen. (Edward had learned his lesson upon first venture into the depths of one without pulse and made sure to not make the same mistake again. The chaffing had lasted for weeks along with a string of various excuses, that bordered on the ridiculous and awkward, for the sudden lack of marital relations. Suffice it to say he always carried a ‘slick’ friend with him on thede infrequent endeavors.) Tenderness rapidly turned to brutality as an ancient animal-like lust overtook his senses. Engorged and ferocious the thrusts become bestial poundings devoid of rhythm though overflowing with intent. As his movements transformed into more uncoordinated and fercious territories Edward struggled to remain upon the table. His flesh becoming scraped, rent and torn, his knees bloodied, hemorrhaging crimson. His once tender hands became fists, tendons angry and corded muscle rigid. Glancing down Edward witnessed, as if floating above his own body, his posture and demeanor change. He began to tear at the forms neck and hair, pulling, adding to his leverage enabling his throbbing loin to plumb further into emotionless depths.

So close now. On fire. His lower extremity begged for climax. A sudden sound like a guitar string snapping broke his concentration. He searched for its origination. His thrusting continued unabated, as he gave it no heed unable to locate it’s source in the instant. A branch outside perhaps, or an inquisitive critter?

A low cracking sound, that of a wind up toy twisted beyond its limits, caused him to abruptly glance upwards. He watched, aghast, as the abused bodies neck slowly tilted toward him. The sheet started to slide ever so slightly, then more rapidly as the movement continued. Finally it crumpled to the floor revealing, in entirety, the figure upon the dias, beneath Edward, still encompassing his swollen excitement. The figures face expressionless yet there was something. Its mouth twitched then its lips turned at the corners splitting thr morticians string holding it closed. Slowly the semblance of a crooked smile formed. Blind eyes flicked open. Only inches apart Edward, drowning in shock, flinched as the abused forms mouth opened in a large O. Matching his own in a noiseless shrill terror scream. Coming to his senses Edward scrambled to withdraw. Realizing his lower extremities  bloodied and slick with crimson his movements became frenetic. All to no use,  purchase was unobtainable and he fell flat eyes wide open upon the object of his desire. Her lifeless flesh against his sweating lust fueled torso. A sudden vice like clamping sent synapses firing at lightening speeds. Edward lost it and panic took ahold. With fists raised he started to pummel at his conpanion, but it didn’t help. Bones shattered, andd the flesh turned to tenderized pulp. But still to no avail. Mr Brown continued to slip and slide upon the table of atrocity, claret hued fluids keeping purchase at a minimum. With Leverage finally attained Edwards bruised knees pushed back against the dias’es edge. An audible severage as if tree succumbing to the storms wrath he toppled backward. Landing in a crumpled heap his mangled and torn sex sprayed a fountain of gore.  Swimming in abject confusion, the pain not yet overriding  the shock, Edward vainly attempted to stop the arterial flow. His wrists and lower arms saturated in lifes sweet nectar and with his body not responding to his commands A Realization hit home, the excellerated blood loss and unabated flow coupled with no means to hold it at bay meant one thing, death was near. Edward lifted his gaze to balefull dead glare. A flashback of the past days events brought recognition. The flashing lights, the emergency crews, the crowd, the solitary unkempt figure beside the mangled lovers embrace of steaming metal…and the screams that would haunt him for several sleepless nights after. The cadavers face melted, shimmered and contorted. It became another. One he instantly remembered but always thought erased from his memory. Edward uttered a single word in a tone not heard used for many years…”Mom”. It was his last. His body twitched a final time then surrendered to the summoning of the Reaper, slumping defiantly into an ever widening radius of claret.

The overhead light flickered and, in time, died. But the dead smile remained.

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