20 Films, 1 Collection: Diving Back Into the Bargain Bin

20 Movie Collection Review (2014)
(Echo Bridge Entertainment)
Contents :
Bay Coven
Live! From Death Row 
Nightmare at Bitter Creek 
A Lure: Teen Fight Club 
Dire Wolf, Hurt 
The Cellar Door 
Bread Crumbs 
The Shadows 
Night Drove
Home for the Holidays 
No one Could Protect Her 
Murder So Sweet 
Midnight’s Child 
The Ridge 
The Cry 
Bleeding Rose 
Another Kind
The Lonely Ones
Many have but one question when they ponder upon purchasing these collections, for they pose quite the temptation and frequent big box stores more regularly than the plague of the week. Are the movies included any good? Seriously, ten or even twenty movies for close to five dollars (US). This collection is honestly either a hell of a deal or instant thrift store fodder based on its content. My quest therefore is to help shed light on the above enigma. Without further ado a few selections (picked at random) from the collection in question. I’ll keep my thoughts on each brief and blunt.
A Lure: Teen Fight Club (2010)
Director – Bill McAdams Jnr.
Osiris/E7 Entertainment 
Positive Elements 
Guilty pleasure content (TnA), an ominous shovel, main character looks like Uma Therman, interesting premise rather than the obvious, expected  predictable run of the mill degradation rape schnanigans.
Questionable Elements 
Made for TV vibe, iffy storyline, acting and direction. Gets a little silly at times. Little to zero gore content. Predictable story. Corny dialogue/one-liners.
Rating – 5.5 (watchable)
Has it’s strong points, and guilty pleasure moments for sure, though plummets fast into a made for tv silliness. 
Dire Wolf (2009)
Director – Fred Olen Ray
Retromedia Entertainment 
Positive Elements 
Unapologetic in its B movie nature, though more believable than most in its approach. Familiar actor faces (if you’re old enough to remember Buck Rogers you’ll instantly recognize one of the Generals). Great pace. Small town atmosphere. Oddball character quirks. Bloodthirsty splatter effects and often displayed in great lighting rather than in dimly lit conditions. Dark humor element.
Questionable Elements 
Cardboard acting (a staple of the genre but may turn some folks off). The general believability factor. Creature costume.
Rating – 8.5 (seek this gem out)
Surprisingly grisly creature feature complete with a sprinkling of cheese that sports a great deal to like and remarkably little to complain about, especially if, like me, you’re a rabid fan of the genre.
Bread Crumbs (2011)
Director – Mike Nichols
Industrial Motion Pictures/A Moves Production
Positive Elements 
Intriguing animation tinged opening credits sequence, excellent 80’s slasher film vibe, creepy atmosphere, great score, instantly dislikable characters, effective tension, good death scenes, vivid warm hues towards the films climax evoke an effective fairy tale type aura. Well produced.
Questionable Elements 
Another cabin in the woods scenario, horrid dubbing in instances, stoopid character decisions and actions. Predictable at times.
Rating – 7 (Surprisingly Enjoyable)
Often makes one want to yell at the screen in frustration but is well directed and entertaining throughout.
The Cry (2007)
Director – Bernardino Santistevan
Lab 601/Fidelity/Mechanical Films and Monterey Media
Positive Eilements 
Creepy soundtrack. Believable acting. Flashbacks and explanation of back story. Choice to not depict certain scenes and rather “suggest” what’s happening.
Questionable Elements 
Slow pace. Tad confusing at times. Predictability. A little cheesy.
Rating – 6 (watchable)
If it’s on the box you might get caught up in it and find ypirself watching it all the way through though you may feel more than slightly let down as it finishes.
The Ridge (2005)
Director – Brett Haley 
Let it Play Productions
Positive Elements 
Awkward ‘friend’ and sibling vibe. Humorous dialogue. Effective tension and build up. Good direction.
Questionable Elements 
Dodgy audio mix. Annoying soundtrack/score makes it feel like a softcore adult film as it barely gets going. Nauseous unsteady ‘shaky cam’ work.
Rating – 6.5 (Surprisingly Enjoyable)
This falls in the ‘it’s all been done before’ catagory but it still has its moments and shows definite promise for a lower budget stalk-n-slash feature.
Well there you have it. I’m happy to state I’ve found a gem and a few quite watchable movies, and there’s still fifteen more features to find time for. My final verdict therefore…go ahead and splurge for $5 (US) odds are you’ll find at least a few, that have been somewhat resurrected before they found their way into relative obscurity, from those on offer that might surprise you. It’s worth a shot, especially when it’s about the same price as a mocha, latte, frappe, easy on the cream, half caff…you get the idea.
Your slave to cinema rarely spoken of, often forgotten and in some cases deserved of gleefully hollered praise.

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