NOW STREAMING! Crucible of Hate’s New Album Dark Metamorphosis

 Let me ask, when you think of Ohio what immediately springs to mind..? I’ll give you a few seconds longer. Well, no matter the answer I’d bet that “metal” places nowhere near the top of, or even near the middle of, the list. However, this might soon change in the next few minutes.
Crucible of Hate though still in their relative infancy are a combined product of years of experience in the genre, an exquisite melding of decades spent manipulating melodies, crafting riffs and carving tracks into a semblance of structure for mass consumption. With the collectives current manifestation and this release pleased ears with attest that the ingredients needed are all present and accounted for.
A motley crew indeed
Dark Metamorphosis is a feast for the senses. Sporting highly infectious melodies it raises a middle finger at the notion that it might be pigeonholed offering as it does varied stylistic elements, driving percussion and often complex rhythms. Aggressive thrash rhythms bordering on melodic death sensabilitied, hardcore leanings, sprinklings of punk and a diverse vocal attack is shot through with groove to spare showcasing a plethora of fleeting influence. A familiarity which in moments may well leave the viewer scratching their heads in search of titles and artists.
Don’t believe me?
I’m pleased to announce and honored to state that you can now find out for yourself.
Crank the volume, but before you press play limber up as this collection of tracks is sure to leave a dent.
Dark Metamorphosis has an official release date of September 15 (2018)
And was recorded, mixed and mastered at Sonic Lounge Studios




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