I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell
Release – 2009
Director – Bob Gosse
Writers – Tucker Max and Nils Parker
(Based on the book by Tucker Max)
Runtime- 105 minutes
To be blunt I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is vulgar, highly misogynistic, somewhat of a spotlight on alpha male sexual conquest behaviour but yet it’s rather humorous, boasts a great pace and spats of comedic dialogue that might have some grinning from ear to ear, while leave others wanting to throw something with damaging intent at the screen in front of them.
Much like romantic comedies (which this can be loosely classed as) there are morals and a point in which a character (may or may not depending on your moral compass) needs redeeming.

You know I’m just here to clog your commode, right?

With that nonsense out of the way there are however, more than a few scenes worthy of note. A strip club visit in which Max meets his equal (Lara played by the stunning Marika Dominczyk (who steals every scene she’s in) both in insults and Halo prowess and a diarrhea scene, one isn’t likely to forget, to lift this from tame territories and leave all those true sick individuals out there panting for more especially since Track Lords makes an appearance and suffers from the same ailment herself. Incidently this same scene may have possibly put a kybosh on Max’es (Matt Czuchry from the Gilmore Girls) film career for a few years. Although somehow he now finds himself on the highly successful hospital based series entitled The Resident. Perhaps therefore physical feces humor isn’t that damaging to a career after all, but just don’t joke about it on social media else you’ll be doomed forever more (wait wha-?)

Who needs strippers when you have wit, beer and depression?

To keep this review short, as I promised myself I would I’ll merely state this is nothing like Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink or even Waynes World (duh) but it does boast a certain charm and values that those amongst us with a disdain for decency are sure to admire some smart dialogue and moments whichight make a few of go hmmmm. And shit, it even has morals, damn pesky things. Regardless it’s a film I found myself enjoying on my happy little jaunt away from splattersville and think others will too, so there’s that.
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