Here Lie’s Busts Ghosts And Wins Hearts With Eddie Spuhgetti

We’ve talked about Here Lie’s and their horror host with the most Eddie Spughetti before on the Graveyard, though last time it involved more flesh based creatures and troopers with bad aim instead of the incorporeal subjects this time. You see, Eddie Spughetti has been keeping himself and his crew busy lately hunting down ghost and turning over spooky stone after spookier stone in a hunt for the truth behind some paranormal happenings.

In “The Haunting of Eddie Spuhgetti”, Eddie’s home is plagued by a particularly troublesome ghost, so he does what any Fiji water drinking horror host superstar would do and hires Star Nebula and his psychic services to come in and cleanse his home. When Nebula’s self-lauded psychic powers prove to be about as effective as using a shoe as an EMF meter, Eddie calls in the big proton packs, or more appropriately proton PACK – a freelance Ghostbuster who just happens to have set up shop in the area. I wasn’t aware that the Ghostbusters had bounced back and were doing the whole local franchise thing now, but good for them for making a comeback. The ghost hunters now scour the house top to bottom in search of the ghastly apparition, encountering daunting stacks of Genesis games and someone practicing a bit of re-animation in the basement before finally stumbling on the source of the trouble. As usual for Here Lie’s, this video is a ton of fun and the passion they have for the genre really shines through.

“Galveston Road: An Investigation w/ Eddie Spuhgetti” finds Eddie taking up the mantle of the ghost hunter himself, armed with the highest in high tech equipment and set loose on Galveston Road. Apparently Galveston Road is haunted be all sorts of spooky apparitions, and Eddie has been hired to get to the bottom of the mystery. I’m taking this all at face value and doing not one iota of research because who would just go on the internet and lie? Certainly not a Hollywood type like Mr Spuhgetti. The level of care and attention in getting this video to look like it was ripped from one of those 40 minute paranormal investigation VHS tapes we all (ok, maybe just me) had stacks of piled around the basement growing up is evident and induces the all kinds of nostalgia. No filters or lazy computer effects here. So, to summarise: come for Eddie’s great hair but stay to soak up the genre love these video’s exude.


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