Oats Studio Vol 1 (2018)

Oats StudiosVolume One

For all those, like myself, who have only heard whispers, rumors and various intriguing clips on the internet. What exactly is Oats Studios?
In their own words…
…Urmmm, ahhh, errr-!
…It’s a giant playpen (laughs) full of boys and their toys…
…Oats is a very inspired, a very almost Corman-esque studio.
…a collective of ideas to feed the internet.
With that in mind let’s continue.

This dvd, volume 1, is a collection of short, experimental films from Neil Blomkamp the same mind who brought to the unsuspecting masses such awe inspiring films as District 9, Elysium and Chappie.

First Up

RAKKA (parts one, two and three)
Runtime 20 minutes

…”They came here to exterminate us. They took our history and culture. They waged war on Earth.”
A group of survivors find themselves fighting off mind controlling invaders in a world unlike that which they inhabited only a short time previously. Moral and food are in short supply and the end draws inexorably closer.
A Linda Hamilton, Terminator 2, like narrative powers this short. But in no time whatsoever the mastery and incredibly impressive SFX from the Oats crew makes itself known to hoist this a stratosphere above that which one might expect. Mske no mistake, this is top notch stuff folks! The creatures, the surroundings, the changing landscape, the amorphous craft and weaponry are stunning, seamlesd, believable even. The chunky explosive effects, and creature make-up ala District 9, has me glued to my seat, mouth agape.
Sigourney Weaver (who’s no stranger to Aliens) heads the cast, starring early on in the second entry, bringing a certain familiarity to bear in a scenario where the world is driven to and over the edge of madness. With very few options left and even less time in which to utilize them the survivors turn towards using the invaders technology against its creators. But first they must learn how to manipulate it to their advantage.
Everything about this segment is what one would hope to come from the Blomkamp stable and does. Honestly, this is considerably more impressive than 99% of full length big budget features currently in circulation. It’s aura, the vibe of desperation and the need to overcome adversity is palpable. The menace is so diabolical and unmerciful one immediately finds themselves rooting for their immediate dispatch in the most imaginative way possible.

…”Tear it’s fkn’ head off!”

The final segment leaves one eager for what’s about to happen next, will the human race survive or will the ‘lizards’ (for that is what they look like albeit with a constantly shifting epidermis and pulsating gills) cultivate the globes surface for their own means/desires, which have yet, strangely, been fully disclosed. Hinted at in great degree but not flat out advertised or promoted in a vivid color printout.
Truthfully I wasn’t expecting a segment of this calibre displaying such depth and detail. I can hardly wait until the time when Parr four will be released. Until then I’ll gladly preach my appreciation of this.
Do yourself a favor and rekindle your senses with Blomkamps previous works and this. You will not be dissapointed.

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