Episode 77: Telepathic Cougar Speak

This episode the crew head into the wild unknowns of the un-indexed part of the interwebs with Unfriended: Dark Web, the newest cyber horror flick meant to make you scared of Skype and screen sharing. After that Scott and Robin talk about Rampage, a movie based on the arcade game, starring a giant monkey and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as some sort of giant monkey doctor. They also talk about the world’s first cannabis beer, a serial killer who shocked himself to death in an electrifying act of masterbation, some upcoming horror movie news, killer fish attacking the elderly and more. This week’s Whole Hog kicks it old school with a man who’s spent a good portion of his career watching the dead rise due to a lack of room in Hell and the man known as the Spanish Lon Chaney.


Party Crowd 2” by Kolezan is licensed under CC BY 3.0
Bong Hit” by OnionEye is licensed under CC BY 3.0
Breath in and out Cigarette” by OnionEye is licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0
Metal Loop” by thunderstorm10 is licensed under CC BY 3.0
Scream 1” by TheSubber13 is licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0


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