Dollman / Demonic Toys Comic Exclusive Premiere at SDCC 2018, with Tim Thomerson (the “Dollman”) Signing


Hold on! Dollman plans on killing the entire Full Moon Universe? That’s the title of Full Moon Comix’s first ever release. Charles Band is delving into the comic book business with this imprint. Perhaps, in previous years, he was experimenting with Action Lab Comics to see what demand was like before deciding to dive head on himself. I was disappointed when this label’s Puppet Master series discontinued. It had promise and writer Shawn Gabborin was having a blast continuing the adventures of Blade.

With this new endeavour, both he, Band and co-writer Brockton McKinney are at the helm. Issue #1 will feature limited variant covers so collectors can enjoy the art from talents such as Tony Moore (The Walking Dead), Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night), and Robert Hack (Sabrina). Newcomers Daniel Pasqual (Shamans) and Bridgit Connell (Brother Nash) will provide the interior art.

I had to reacquaint myself with whom Brick “Dollman” Bardo is. It’s been years since I last saw this film, and a refresher course was needed, which also included Demonic Toys. Knowing their beginnings is important because this comic delves head on! For those people who do not know them, the diminutive supercop is something like Sledge Hammer, but only meaner and more competent. Both characters share a similar style of obsession. They are both in love with their gun. They are both cowboys in their own strange ways. The former is a space cowboy, and the latter is a cop. The toys are are creatures along the lines of Chucky, toys inhabited the souls of demons.

Dollman proved to be amusing enough to have crossed over in other Full Moon films. He’s appeared in Bad channels in a post credits scene, and vs Demonic Toys sets the backbone and lead-in to this comic.

Two tales make up this first issue. Gabborin’s love for all things Full Moon is very clear in how he frames the narrative. The details recount the origins of the Demonic Toys and the kids do not know they are in over their heads when they reenact a ritual in search for power. It’s a dog eat dog world for those who gives in to evil. The Dollman is out for justice, and they can leave and the way him dispenses with nastiness up to debate by readers. This story differs from the cinema version, and as far as T&A is concerned, it’s lightweight. The gore is limited to a few decapitations, and artist Daniel Pascual includes as much splat as possible. Yes, that’s an intestine I saw on page 15!

The shorter tale by McKinney features the Head of the Family. One would think he’s going for a Texas Chainsaw vibe, and this read is not as attention grabbing. Part of it is that I still haven’t seen the movies to which this work draws from. Myron is the patriarch and has a very large head. The movie is simply about blackmail, and the comic is about Ernestina plotting to take over. Or is it the Dollman? This tale feels like a prologue for next issue and as this tiny soldier marches on, I suspect either a full reboot of the entire Full Moon universe or Dollman being the new mascot is coming. Sorry Blade, but you’ve been sold off.



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