NEW VIDEO! Revolutio Stalk The Apocalyptic Wastelands With “The Meek And The Bold”

Thrash metal and the apocalypse go together like corpse paint and bullet belts, Blasphemy and sunglasses or horror movie killers and mommy issues so I’m not exactly surprised that Italy’s Revolutio have chosen the wastelands of a post-apocalyptic world as their musical theme. “The Meek and the Bold” is a pretty straight forward thrash anthem, with air-guitar worthy riffs and vocals shouting statements about the downfall of mankind rising above the musical assault. Vocalist Maurizio Di Timoteo had this to say about the track: “Vagrant is composed of many journeys, journeys to reach distant, impossible places. Some of those places live within our minds, some are kept into our souls. Meek and the Bold digs into the endless conflict that rages in each one of us. Our meek side wants to avoid sacrifice and endure suffering, while the bold one embraces struggle to change our world of hate and misery. These two aspects cannot be separated, because such is the nature of the human soul. The acceptance of this duality as a natural condition is a crucial step in the awareness of the self.”

“The Meek and the Bold” is from their upcoming album “Vagrant” which can be ordered here.


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