First Impressions Vol 5: Beast Conjurator, Cavern, AlterBeast, Desultory, 1968, Volition, Through The Eyes of The Dead, Eye of The Destroyer & Inferi

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Roarrggghhh-! Or something along those lines

 Welcome back folks. This week finds me dwelling in tech death territories with the occasional foray into calmer realms (to cleanse the pallette if you will). Without further traipsing down diatribe lane allow me to introduce…
Beast Conjurator – Summoned to the Abyss
Release – August/19/2017
Dying Music
Artwork – 7.5
Lots of detail, tentacles, kultists and a fiery tone. Lovin it.
First Track – 7.5
Fast with a decidedly South American black metal vibe and lots of other influence to great effect. I’m intrigued.
Initial Listen – 8
Black/Death without too much emphasis on either. Swift tunes with groove blanketed by a menacing diabolical presence. I can detect varied influence ranging from Celtic Frost, Morbid Angel, early Morgoth, Death and many more. A great audio concoction just a great pity the band aren’t still around to grace us with another of the same quality.
Highly recommended, and even Void likes it so there’s that!
Cavern – Eater
Release – June/22/2018
Grimoire Records
Artwork – 5
I’m not really even sure what to think of this one. An album that promises vastness, a landscape devoid of industry… Wha-! I really don’t know what to think.
First Track – 7.5
This is vastly different from my normal ear candy. Herein lies Instrumental audio with sufficient flow and power to keep the listener intrigued. A two-piece outfit comprising enough energy and creativity to keep the mere thought of ‘where’s the vocalist’ at bay.
Initial Listen – 7.5
Ranging from beautiful to cataclysmic soundscapes this album delivers surprising me when with its diverse content versus what I initially thought when the term instrumental composition popped up. A pallette cleanser for those who normally enjoy the more brutal district of the extreme metal arena and a worthy listen for all those open to new musical experiences.
AlterBeast – Feast
Release – February/23/2018
Unique Leader Records
Artwork – 7.5
Something awaits your approach and it’s wickedly vicious indeed.
First Track – 9.5
I believe my curse word vocabulary was drained dry during this tracks length. Being out of words came, strangely, as somewhat of an advantage as I was forced to retrieve my jaw from the carpet. This is impressive, tight, hyper infectious audio indeed. It leaves you eager, salivating for more!
Initial Listen – 9
Admittedly I was unsure what to think when I learned of the original (Immortal release) vocalists departure. But it took very little time to fully get on board with a fresh set of lungs/throat and talent. The rhythms are here (so many damn passages of them), there’s atmosphere which isn’t at all overbearing, the drums are exquisite as too the production.
Overall an amazing creation though not quite as insanely mesmerizing as Immortal this remains an album which will be repeated (to everyone’s annoyance) and have me twitching uncontrollably for a long time to come. Highly recommended for those who enjoy insane melody, break neck pace and frequent pace mutation.
Desultory – Through Aching Aeons
Release – June/23/2017
Pulverized Records 
Artwork – 8
Boasts a moody, slightly menacing/sinister quality that hits the spot.
First Track – 8
Old school Swedish death done right from those around at the time, not newer mere imitators of the scene. The drum sound in the mix is highly infectious and adds to the allure of the audio a billion percent.
Initial Listen – 8.5
What a way to end a stunning career!
A great album with enough changes in rhythm, enticing riffs and energy to keep the listeners attention. Through Aching Aeons is a fantastic example of the Gothenburg scene bursting with great production values and style its an album every fan of the genre needs to experience, so good in fact it could well gave been released twenty years previous to sit alongside those which today are celebrated to have forged the scene.
1968 – Ballad of the Godless
Release – July/6/2018
HeviSike Records
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Artwork – 7.5
Pot plants and nekkiness, everything about this albums layout is tossing me back to an era before I was even a glimmer of hope in my father’s baby batter factory.
First Track – 8
Distortion, fuzz and thunderous riffs. Kyuss influence as well a Soundgarden vibe. Although this is not my normal ‘ cup of tea’ but consider me like a fish out of water, on a line…Hooked!
Initial Listen – 8.5
A fantastic varied collection of tracks. Influence and style a virtual cornucopia ranging from The Doors, Led Zeppelin through Kyuss, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden but let’s not forget the heavy stoner rock and bluesy vibes too.
I couldn’t help but notice that Temple of the Acidwolf has a Defines-esque intro. An album that’ll have you waxing nostalgic with one foot firmly in the present.
An album I can highly recommend with no regrets.
Volition – Visons of the Onslaught
Release – March/30/2018
MVD/Brutal Records 
Artwork – 6.5
I can’t tell if they are zombies or the band members, regardless creatires are rising out of the fiery depths to wreck havoc on… something.
First Track – 7
The intro spunds good but hints at something other than the thrashy style that follows. Insanely fast has a distinct could have been released on the Noise label (alongside Sabbat, Deathrow, Kreator and Voivod) in the late eighties feel to it. Neck snappingly catchy but a tad wordy in instances.
Initial Listen – 7
Infectious thrash/death with a slew of influence including vintage Exodus and Slayer towards albums end. A great album providing energy, riffs aplenty and distinctive vocals for those yearning an injection of speed metal/thrash nostalgia.
Through the Eyes of the Dead – Disomus
Release – October/13/2017
Entertainment One/Good Fight Music

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Artwork – 7.5
Chilling. I find it hard to tell if that’s a moth or a malformed creature. Regardless, I’m intrigued and TtEotD are back so I’m all ears!
First Track – 7
Trademark style, the utterly recognizable vocal duality and driving tempos. Unmistakably TtEotD material. Not the most remarkable of starts, but still candy to the ears…I’m all in!
Initial Listen – 7.5
A fantastic collection of tracks, that only gets better as the album progresses, that distinctly bears a tone and style that any fan of the band expects yet with an added classical element that adds another level.
Not the finest work in the TtEotD discography but certainly a step in the right direction to pull fans back into the fold and more.
A fantastic introduction to the band and a triumphant return to form. Recommended for those who feed from the same fast flowing adrenaline vein that Black Dahlia Murder are known to supply.
Eye of the Destroyer – Violent by Design 
Release –June/8/2018
Lost Apparitions Records
Artwork – 8
A scene from Clockwork Orange comes to mind with this vivid cartoon image. Bold and stunning in detail it certainly leaves an impression.
First Track – 6.5
Death, slam with significant ‘crunch’ this is nothing new to the genre but still remains utterly listenable.
Initial Listen – 6
Precise riffage, “slam” death style that fans of the band have come to appreciate. Only two tracks to this EP but still provides a great introduction to a band who are certainly making waves in the scene with their work ethic, audio output and willingness to party. Recommended for fans of jabbing riffage death metal rather the fluid melodic approach.
Inferi -Revenant 
Release – April/20/2018
The Artisan Era
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Artwork – 9.5
Alongside The Nomad release this is one of my favorite images/album covers of most recent weeks. I want this on a shirt!
First Track – 8
Technical, tight, atmospheric and menacing all the most important indications are here for a tremendous album.
Initial Listen – 7.5
Riffs upon riffs upon riffs. A myriad of pace and atmosphere combine intricately to form a finely crafted album showcasing top notch musianship, amazing drum salvos and rhythm. My only qualm is that sometimes it sounds like just a ‘little too much’ at the same time, as if the band wanted to cover all bases and then some. Albeit far from horrid in the slightest this is highly impressive, ultra listenable though borders on the fanatical arena of the technical realm (alongside Rings of Saturn).
And thats about it! Until next time keep those fleshy flaps to the ground (that sounded rather wicked not to mention sticky) and don’t be afraid to dip your toes into unchartered depths.
Your slave to audio extreme, unpredictable and often so damn fast it’ll melt the face off an Indy fan.

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