Albert Pyun Crowdfunding His Latest Project Badass Angels And Demons

Albert Pyun, director of “The Sword and The Sorcerer”, “Cyborg”, “Dollman” and a swarm of other independent genre films is crowdfunding possibly the most straight to the point titled movie I’ve seen this year – “Badass Angels and Demons”. Featuring a host of (you guessed it) badass angels as well as some evil doing demons doing nasty demon stuff, Pyun is hoping to get together enough funds to film a 12 minute proof of concept so he can gain funding for a web series. Check out the official press release below and then consider heading over to the GoFundMe to help him realize his vision.


HOLLYWOOD – June 4, 2018 – Film Director Albert Pyun has re-announced the “GoFundMe” campaign he established to promote his new action/adventure film, “Bad Ass Angels and Demons.”

Notes the legendary director, “I need to promote ‘Bad Ass Angels & Demons”to the world. In order to do this in a manner that communicates my vision for the project, I have created a campaign which consists of a poster, character posters, post-apocalypse costumes and CG effects. A twelve minute, teaser  explains the concept, the look and the quality ambitions of the project, entailing a feature pilot to a web mini-series.”

Pyun summarizes the film’s exciting plot, which is certain to become a horror classic: “In the end of days comes the ultimate battle between good and evil. Led by a young hero, the Bad Ass Angels fight the demons to establish the dawn of a new generation for Planet Earth.”

“Bad Ass Angels and Demons,” will be directed by Pyun, and is co-written by him and Cynthia Curnan.  Zach Muhs and Jean-Francios Theriault  are the film’s executive producers.

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