Bus Party To Hell (2017)

Bus Party to Hell (2017)
Director – Rolfe Kanefsky
Writer – Rolfe Kanefsky, Micheal and Sonny Mahal
Runtime – 81 minutes
Mahal Empire
CaniShootYou Productions
Red Cardinal Films 
The story in short – When a tourbus somehow finds itself stranded in the desert, rather than reaching it’s destination of the Burning Man festival, it’s occupants find themselves at the hands of a murderous cult intent on finding the ‘Chosen One’.
Within the opening five minutes alone the viewer is witness to the sun’s wrath. (What huh-?) The desert is a ferociously harsh mistress (Ms. Thorne would probably get ro portray her on celluloid if given half the chnce to do so) and is shown here having its way with Tara Reids sanity as she seen fleeing an unknown presence that’s supposedly ‘hot on her trail’. Ironically this prestory of sorts collides, quite literally, with the body of the main story only a few minutes later at about the same time that the viewer should realize that the word ‘stranded’ which I used ealier was in the loosest sense possible. (Did UI mention that I think I’m in love with Sadie Katz?)

Fancy seeing you here Tara, how ya been? How’s that Shark franchise coming along?

In a film that’s parts Mad Max, part The Hills Have Eyes, part Bloodsucking Freaks with the remainder heavily influenced by MTV and Troma industries we are bombarded by bountiful female flesh, gratuitous screaming and on-screen antics comparable to the finest the B movie realm has ever had to offer. An early quote “There’s no such thing as gratuitous female nudity” about says it all and fans of the golden age of the same scene (the 70’s though the early late 80’s) will about piss themselves with glee as the feature careens through its narrative as if powered by jet fuel.

Mummies and boobs. Consider me a fan!

The story is easy to follow and fun to the point where the film is more guilty pleasure escapism that anything to be taken at all seriously (and I have no problem with that whatsoever!) The acting is bearable and boasts expected dialogue exchanges fraught with sexual inuendo, bravado and momentary nonsense. Though I’m of the mind that those watching this know what they’re in store for when they initially hit play. What comes somewhat of a shocker however, is the gore quotient. There is plenty of crimson to be had and intestines are tossed around wily-nily without a care in the world. The effects are surprisingly good while bearing elements that link them to a genre famous for silliness drenched in O.T.T. schnanigans. Bus Party to Hell is also complete with a twist, make that a couple, that viewers might not be able to predict as well the title being changed from the preferable (and more sensical in my eyes) Party Bus to Hell (by the films distributors). Some of these ‘unforeseen’ events are obviously more assumed than others but the main one is a nice touch adding to the films overall allure.
Chock full of enough cheese to choke a small Wisconsin suburb and various nods to the glorious scene from whence it draws it’s influence Bus Party From Hell is much deserved of a peek, especially for those amongst us who enjoy extended bathing in the waters of which Troma and Dark Castle help to pollute (I meant that in the nicest way possible folks!)

The minds in and behind BPtH

Sure the minds behind this may not be drowning in award nominations but they do have support, the likes of which continues to drive the scene and the creativity of the minds who aid in its development. Not everything has to be Hollywood to be appreciated and this is a prime example.
Your slave to cinema extreme, dripping in claret and supported by generous folks like you.
Great news the (unofficial) sequel Art of the Dead is being made (by the same team) as I type this. I’m excited with my ear glued to the ground. Seriously, I’m stuck. Some help…please!

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