DIAG x Kill All Music Retrosynth Cassette Giveaway

Who the hell isn’t down for some retrosynth jams, in this year of our dark lord two thousand and eighteen? Retrosynth is essentially ’80s action and horror flicks in audio form, which means you can blast it from your Bladerunner Spinner while on your way to the club (or dispensary in our case) or just hang out by the pool sipping on a neon coloured drink and escaping the desolate wasteland that is real life. We’ve partnered up with Kill All Music, a metal and synth label that have been around for a hot minute, to put some hot retrosynth in your hot hands, just in time for that summer heat. Oh and we gotta keep it real so it’s all on nice, tactile cassette tapes, just like the retro gods wanted. Ok, now that that’s out of my system, down to business. Kill All Music has been kind enough to put together a pretty awesome looking prize pack that consists of limited edition tapes, a shirt plus a bunch of assorted stickers and fun stuff like that. Check it out:

    • Crockett “Songs for the Forgotten”,
    • Occams Laser “Purgatory”,
    • Hello Meteor “Causality Violations”,
    • Coutoux “Hellicoprion”,
    • Grand Lord High Master self-titled (the sold out ‘Japanese’ limited edition),
    • Syntax “The Space Tapes,”
    • a large shirt,
    • stickers and stuff

And like most things in life, there’s rules:


You must follow Kill All Music AND Drunk In A Graveyard on twitter /li> and you have to RETWEET the entry post with the hashtag #diagxkam to enter.


You must follow Kill All Music AND Drunk In a Graveyard on Facebook and share the entry post.


You must follow Kill All Music AND Drunk In A Graveyard on Instagram and repost the entry post with the hashtag #diagxkam.


Do all three for three entries!


Subscribe to the Drunk In A Graveyard YouTube channel for an extra entry.

Maximum 4 entries.

Contest runs from May 29 – June 19. Entrants will be placed into a generator and a name randomly drawn.

Unfortunately for our Canadian and international friends, this contest is only open to those living in the United States. Sorry folks, DIAG is going to be doing another giveaway in the near future and we’ll get you on that round.

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