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Nothing better on a hot summer day than a few road pops and some new Canadian metal to enjoy.  I checked out Fallen Legion’s EP “Downfall” and thought I should pen some thoughts.

Now, I always like to give space to Canadian metal bands that are doing their thing, and Oshawa, Ontario’s Fallen Legion seems to really be kicking ass and holding their own.  They formed in 2008 and have released a couple demo EPs, and this last week released their official EP which is “Downfall”.

Taking inspirations from genre staples like Iron Maiden, KoRn, Gojira, and Dethklok (?), these guys have really mixed in very eclectic styles to both their benefit and potential “downfall”.  I find EPs to be really good places to buy into bands, the commitment is short, the price tends to be reasonable, especially in this age of digital music when you can buy an EP for a few dollars and have it on your ipod in seconds.  Since I’m of Methuselan age, I put a physical CD in my CD player attached to big ass speakers and got down to the business of checking this band out properly.

The EP opens up on a strong note with some Mudvayne/Atreyu esque sounds.  I noticed quite a bit throughout the CD that a lot of influences on this EP came from that late 90s early 00’s emo/screamo – I heard a lot of call backs to Poison The Well, Atreyu, Dillinger Escape Plan, The Used, and of course some of those nu-metal elements like KoRn, Mudvayne.  I found this was beneficial, because I was getting these references, but at the same time I found in certain tracks there was almost too much going on, and even track by track I wasn’t sure if a song was going to end in a screamo influenced vein and open into something more death metal.  I liked what I heard, make no bones about it, there was points though where I wish I could have heard more – specifically around harmony clean vocals because they seemed really powerful but then would be overtaken by other pieces.

Technically the album sounded good, it was mixed appropriately, it read well when played loudly in my house, which is really about all I want in this world on a hot day in British Columbia.

I think this band is trying to find their voice amid a lot of obviously powerful influences and I look forward to seeing what they can do on future releases.  It’s quite obvious they have the foundation for something amazing, and this is something that is especially powerful in the Canadian metal scene which I find can get overlooked. I’m looking forward to seeing more from these boys.

So please check out Fallen Legion, chuck em a shmeckle or two and check out “Downfall”

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